Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spiralling remains (I don't recognize them)

 ****The portions of this recording where I am playing records sound like crap because I didn't know they weren't coming through well from the on air studio, so those parts of the archive have been amplified so that you can at least hear some of the recorded audio under grinding surface noise....   ahem....   which brings me to my next bit.....  There will be two more episodes of The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show and then it will stop being what it is....    That is all.....*****

Captain Beefheart - Hot Head
Buddy Bow - Twistin' In The Jungle
Clinic - The Castle
The Bobbettes - I Don't Like It Like That  Pt. 1
1910 Fruitgum Company - Red Light
T. Rex - Venus Loon
Kebnekajse - Resa Mat Okant Mal  ("A Journey To Destination Unknown")
LARD - Sidewinder
Thomas Dolby - Europa and The Pirate Twins
The Anti Group - HA
Black Stools - We Are The Sect (Blunt Force Bible Study Mix)
Theatre of Ice - excerpt from The Haunting Side A *with*
De Fabriek - excerpt from Recycled tape on RRRecords

Ministry - Grace
Zone Nord - excerpt from recycled tape on rrrecords
 Emil Beaulieau - Untitled 3 from Moonlight In Vermont
Skin Graft - excerpt from Side B of "Enemy" LP (I actually continued playing the Zone Nord cassette instead of this record on accident, forgot to cross fade the mixer while the record was cued through our monitors, sorry Wyatt!)
Architeuthis Dux - Acropolis
Novasak - Untitled track from split cassette with Vomir
Amanda R Howland - You Are My Liver

Iggy and The Stooges - I'm Sick of You
Nine Inch Nails remixed by Coil - Eraser (Reduction)

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