Saturday, February 15, 2014

Arvo's appearance with soundoferror (Daniel Burke of Illusion of Safety) on WNUR February 10th

(patchworks segment on synth music is separate 3-4pm and can be found here)

 (((mainly sound collage)))

horrific childletrange monseier whinster
2:36pmr+gw broken penis orchestra
2:43pmgeorge flynnwound
2:48pmdeveloperrrrecycled cs
2:53pmlyrelsxox k
2:58pmpaul markus dream part 1
2:59pmamdrew kirschnerempty vessel
3:14pmamdrew kirschner++arp 2600 perc seq

3:15pmjason solidaynueral shifting 7+ displacer
3:15pmmathew williamsonnoise phase 4
3:21pmdorris nortonwarszawarnorton computer for peace
3:29pmjesse mejia-imrov w serge cgs ++isa/christ/cruudeuces "human error"
3:29pmmatt carlsonat the chapel perf space seattle 5-13-11
3:34pmdandelion headmourning in 4/4++ matt carlson++decapitated hed
3:40pmmatt+dandelion headof feedback & sweepings
3:44pm= matt carlosn + decap + jason soliday

3:45pmjsason solidaycartographic nightmares
3:49pmdavid ryle/fearwaves + arp 2600 blue meanie seq= benge buchla 100 seq
3:56pmfrancois dumeauxdeux renards
4:08pmnurse with woundthe musty odor of pierced rectums excerpt
4:12pmpod blotz swamp command excerpt
4:20pmmanorexiakinaesthesiadinoflagellate blooms
4:29pmandrew liles doubt you careall closed doors
4:30pmhans gruselanother miserable day LP (excerpt)
4:33pmrelay for deathbirth of an older, much more ugly christ excerpt
4:36pmchris connelly the collapse of ether
4:47pmnine inch nails remixed by coilerased, over, outfurther down the spiral
4:49pmalterclarity I
4:49pmrobert turman roto LP excerpt
4:57pmskin graftdirge
4:59pmreynolsrecycled cassette excerpt
5:19pmmannequin hollowcaustslow infector
5:24pmwiltcold grave
5:30pmmurderous vision & fascist insectblood out
5:30pm156mahakala awakes
5:33pmalice cooperbecause  (there was also Foetus - "Mortgage" in there, and a track from Quttinirpaaq's "No Visitors" LP

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