Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RRRecycled (5+ hours)

* All excerpts of recycled tapes released on RRRecords label, most courtesy of Ron Lessard (Thanks Ron!) *

Emil Beaulieau
Smell & Quim

Clang Quartet
Pulse Emitter

Mike Shiflet
Gary Barftits
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour
Buddhist on Fire

Relay For Death
Ataraxic Ataxia
Sterile Garden

Athenian Mercury
Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain (labelled DSNHDIV)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gluttony : Feast for the Ears


1). The Laughing Record #1  
2). John Appleton - Chef D' Oeuvre 
3). Death SS - Terror / Murder Angels   (from early demos/recordings '77-'84   LP compilation  )
4). Venom - Raise the Dead  (early  demo version)
5). Sacrifice - The Entity 
6). Bulldozer - Don't Trust the Saint

7). Record Store Record  - Weirdo Records  (RRRecord's release of sounds inside various independent/ underground  record shops;  basically  you could classify it as a field recording LP )   
8). Dave Phillips - Threnody for the Victims of Gluttony 
9). White Noise - Black Mass : An Electric Storm In Hell  (1968)
10). Unit 731 - Rape of the Amazon (from "What is Truth" Vol. 3 Double LP- 1990) 

11). 4-Way Anal Touch Fight - Viking Horns/ Pelvis
12). Smersh - The Good Life   (off of  "God Bless America" Triple LP box set from RRRecords, 1985)
13). Due Process - 201 Middlesex
14). Necropolis - Pagan  (1978)
15). Hunting Lodge - Exhumed   (from the Triple LP box set  "Shadows out of Time 1982-1983 " on Vinyl On Demand)

16). Hellhammer- When Hell's Near
17). Sonic Youth - Into the Groove (1986)  
18). Chrome - Sub Machine
19). Broken Penis Orchestra - The Pope's Pot, Penis and Pussy   (Nihilist Records 2005)
20). Dick Panthers - "Lucky Winner"  (from the compilation " The Date Fork Seeps the River" Vol .1)

21). Wolf Eyes/Sickness - A Diet of Speed And Beer 


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Arvo's appearance with soundoferror (Daniel Burke of Illusion of Safety) on WNUR February 10th

(patchworks segment on synth music is separate 3-4pm and can be found here)

 (((mainly sound collage)))

horrific childletrange monseier whinster
2:36pmr+gw broken penis orchestra
2:43pmgeorge flynnwound
2:48pmdeveloperrrrecycled cs
2:53pmlyrelsxox k
2:58pmpaul markus dream part 1
2:59pmamdrew kirschnerempty vessel
3:14pmamdrew kirschner++arp 2600 perc seq

3:15pmjason solidaynueral shifting 7+ displacer
3:15pmmathew williamsonnoise phase 4
3:21pmdorris nortonwarszawarnorton computer for peace
3:29pmjesse mejia-imrov w serge cgs ++isa/christ/cruudeuces "human error"
3:29pmmatt carlsonat the chapel perf space seattle 5-13-11
3:34pmdandelion headmourning in 4/4++ matt carlson++decapitated hed
3:40pmmatt+dandelion headof feedback & sweepings
3:44pm= matt carlosn + decap + jason soliday

3:45pmjsason solidaycartographic nightmares
3:49pmdavid ryle/fearwaves + arp 2600 blue meanie seq= benge buchla 100 seq
3:56pmfrancois dumeauxdeux renards
4:08pmnurse with woundthe musty odor of pierced rectums excerpt
4:12pmpod blotz swamp command excerpt
4:20pmmanorexiakinaesthesiadinoflagellate blooms
4:29pmandrew liles doubt you careall closed doors
4:30pmhans gruselanother miserable day LP (excerpt)
4:33pmrelay for deathbirth of an older, much more ugly christ excerpt
4:36pmchris connelly the collapse of ether
4:47pmnine inch nails remixed by coilerased, over, outfurther down the spiral
4:49pmalterclarity I
4:49pmrobert turman roto LP excerpt
4:57pmskin graftdirge
4:59pmreynolsrecycled cassette excerpt
5:19pmmannequin hollowcaustslow infector
5:24pmwiltcold grave
5:30pmmurderous vision & fascist insectblood out
5:30pm156mahakala awakes
5:33pmalice cooperbecause  (there was also Foetus - "Mortgage" in there, and a track from Quttinirpaaq's "No Visitors" LP

RRRecords give aways starting/ Michael Krause to return Monday night

Monday night marks the return of Michael Krause to the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, as well as the biginning of record give aways from the legendary noise label . The following week, I will be playing RRRrecycled cassettes until I pass out. This is at midnight central time (technically Tuesday morning) on WLUW-FM 88.7 Chicago or streaming at . Listen for the cue to call, 773508WLUW

A Million Mishaps


Brume - Landed
Pain Teens - Invitation
Vertonen - Hands Up, 1974!
Storm Bugs - Car Situations (Nasal Passage)
Lily Greenham - Relativity (1974)
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo - Awesome Alien Stew (excerpt)
Jay Howard (Circuit Wound) - TV Casualties llllll
~d o u b l e m i n t g u m~
Rogelio Sosa - Puber-hostil
Gordon Monahan - The Piano Thing (Screws, Nuts, Washers)
Failing Lights - (We Don't Want a) Death in the Home
The Spectrometers - Fallacy
Asmus Tietchens - Ausverkauf
Philip Sanderson - Defenestration at the Gravity Pit
Pete Swanson - Pro Style (VIP)
Conrad Schnitzler - Das Tier
[me yammering over Wattwurm by Liliental]
Dr. John - Twilight Zone