Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Void Compartment / Brothel Box Bewitchery (with guest DJ Demchuk)

Foetus - Mandelay
Compactor - Alarm*
Regosphere - A Man Is Nothing*
Swollen Organs - Conceal Our Wounds*
*from a benefit comp for Stephen Petrus*
Murderous Vision - The Dying Dream

NAMANAX - Promethean Screams
Tom Recchion - Oozings
*DJ Demchuk's circuit bent toy in there at the end*

Live circuit bent/DJ set by DJ Demchuk
(approx 1 hour)

Optiganally Yours - You're Something Special To Me
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - You Neglect Me
Joe Tex - I Wanna Be Free
Brenda Lee - A Marshmallow World
T.Rex - The Wizard
 Janie Jones - The Witches' Brew (Alternate Version)
Sonic Assassins - Golden Void
The Writing On The Wall - Lucifer Corpus

Horrific Child - H.I.A.

Bob Ostertag - The Surgeon General
How To Destroy Angels - And the sky began to scream
Fad Gadget - The Box
Not Breathing - Worlock Radar
Container - Refract
Perc - Stoq (Original Mix)
Rrose - The Surgeon General (Her Insides Laid Bare)
 *talkng over* Robert Rich - excerpt from "Somnium"

Lee Gamble - Kuang Shaped Prowla
Decapitated HeD - Void Containment
Tommy Four Seven - Enki - Original Mix

This Morn' Omina - Totemism (Modern)
Imminent Starvation - Afraid of the Dark
Joel Brindefalk - Monitoring My Own Death
League of Automatic Composers - Martian Folk Music
Contagious Orgasm - Met-Des
Jacob Kirkegaard - Izanami

Sonic Youth - Silver Shirt
Sharlyn Evertsz - Cunt Authority

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