Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Longing Devoured His Face

COUGHS - Fright Makes Right
Nisi Period - Echo of Suggestion
Endon - The Spasm of Confession
ELOE OMOE - excerpt from untitled 12" LP
BEAST - Bone Axis

Origami Swan - Transdimensional Subatomic Regurgitation
Horseback - Broken Orb
Vocokesh - The 7th Crown
marthastewartdying - Scarecrow

German Shepherds - Why Did You Give Yourself Cancer? *
Elizabeth Harper - Green *
X-TG - Abschied
SOW - Victim
Impact Test - St. James Infirmary
Four Way Anal Touchfight - Borealis
ctephin - excerpt from "Streamin' Sarin Corrosion (Live in St. Louis + OKC)" (from split 6x3"CDR "Deluxe Noise Filter" Gas Mask can release with XDUGEF)
Column One - Antiphonia (excerpt)

Heven't Orizon't - aiaiai
Bob Bellerue - excerpt from side A of "Brokelyn" (track title "091809")
Illusion of Safety - "Serge Euro Improv 12-6-12"

George Harrison - excerpt from "Electronic Sounds"

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