Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Memory Clot like Forever

Emil Beaulieau (Minutoli) - G.G. Junkie
Hell Garbage - Death Valley Six Six Sixty-Nine
Vertonen - Small Cuts (For Jason Zeh)
Anne Guthrie / Richard Kamerman - Civil Twilight: 5:23
Maurizio Bianchi - Belzec
Thirteen Hurts - Thrombosis

Dj Hyperactive - excerpt from "Acid Indigestion"
Vasectomy Party - So Glad You've Heard!*
FUN - excerpt from track 1 of "6-7-82" CDR
tasuketekun - excerpt from "light sleep"
XTUL - excerpt from "Vestigios"

Record Store Record (Second Layer)
OGO+LEDA - Atlatl
Nervesandgel - I Don't Want To Wake Up
Dan Friel - Scavengers
Clang Quartet - Christmas Amid Catastrophe
 Gas Mask Horse - excerpt from single sided LP on American Tapes
Nascitari - August's Revenge* (from Dialtone Aggressor zine)
Justin Marc Lloyd - Panic Dreams
Victimes De Regime - excerpt from "Come and Die!" CDR

Circuit Wound - excerpt from "Patience is Waste" CDR

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