Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One Night The Great Mind Ceased To Be Earthly (6 Hours)

Jefferson Airplane - Blues From An Airplane
Bee Gees - Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
Christine 23 Onna - Hypnosis
T. Rex - Chrome Sitar
Medicine Head - (And The) Pictures In The Sky
The Goldebriars - Tell It To The Wind
Fleetwood Mac - Hellhound on My Trail
Fleetwood Mac - Albatross
Pierre Bastien & Mecanium - Le Nuit Des Sauriens / My Ghost*

Type O Negative - Die With Me
Faith And The Muse - Hollow Hills
Kwaidan - The Iceberg and Its Shadow
Black To Comm - Traum Gmbh
Sargeist - Preludium / Satanic Black Devotion

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music II (excerpt)
Emil Beaulieau - Hanged Mans Orgasm
Persistence In Mourning - excerpt from "Confessions of An American Cult" cassette Side B
Quttinirpaaq - Ex-Batts
Dissecting Table - No Future
Skin Graft - Blood Gutter

Diagram: A - Untitled track from Dialtone Aggressor Zine/CDR Comp.
Dromez - excerpt from side A of "Machiavellian Consort" cassette
Masked Diode - Cement

Semisolid - polizei *
J. Surak - rebirth *
* From District of Noise Vol. 6 CD (Sonic Circuits)
Lea Bertucci - Swarm
Transitional Species - excerpt from "Love In The End Times" cassette
Illusion of Safety - track 1 of "From Nothing To Less" CD (rehearsal on 4-24-93?  Dan Burke and Thymme Jones)
Cultus Sabbati - Never Turn Your Back To The Forest
Muennich/Esposito/Jupitter-Larsen - "Heimsuchung" track 3 from "Wraiths of The Flying A" CD (excerpt *with*)
Cedars of Lebanon - excerpt from "Archive II" cassette

Ennio Morricone - Rivoluzione Contro (from "Giu, La Testa!", which means "Duck, You Sucker!")
Monte Cazazza - A Gringo Like Me
Fanfara Tirana - Merre Lehte (Take It Easy), Neighbors Music Is Cool Part 1
Borah Minnevitch - The Ghost Walk
Frankie Stein & His Ghouls - Shoot-A-Nanny

The Jiants - Tornado
Ron Thompson and his Wild Guitar and The Broughams - Switchblade
 Lucia Pamela - Why?  Because I Want To
Hurricane Smith - Don't Let It Die
Laurent Pernice, Pakito Bolino - Ecrase Total Vvrmine**

Hecate - 2 tracks from "The Magick of Female Ejaculation" - "No Regard" and "Seven Daggers"
Omar A. Rodriguez Lopez - Sensory Decay Part II
The Anti Group - Psychophonophilia (excerpt)

The Mars Volta - The Whip Hand
Die Form - Crash In The Sky
thorofon - Ultralove
Cabaret Voltaire - Do The Mussolini (Head Kick)
Der Plan - Nessie
Negativland - All She Called About
Depeche Mode - Easy Tiger
Wild Man Fischer - The Last Man In The City

Brainticket - To Another Universe
Zombi - Through Time

Aluk Todolo / Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand - Untitled IV

Robert Turman - excerpt from "ROTO" LP (played at 33rpm although it is "playable at all speeds")
Alan Courtis (member of Reynols) + Cyrus Pireh - Excerpt from Uritorco CS Side B *with*
Kurt Volentine (Ian Andrews) - Vortex Street *with*
KMFDM - The Mating Sounds of Helicopters *with*
Vertonen - excerpt from "Small Cuts (for Jason Zeh)" *with*
Tommy Four Seven - Enki - Original Mix *with*
This Morn 'Omina - Totemism (Modern)  *with*
Jadis Mercado - excerpt from "Demifantasia" side B *with*
tasuketekun - excerpt from "electrical lessons" pro CDR *with*
Death Factory - Psychotic Sound Review CDR excerpt *with*
Joel Brindefalk - Monitoring My Own Death *excerpt*

NAMANAX - Giggling Winds
La Des Timides A La Parade De Oiseaux - The Bogyman***

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HUNGRIER THAN YOU (guest host Sarah M)

Knud Viktor - Image 1 (part 3)
Noir Boy George - Bébé Congelé
Peter Principle - Le Maka
Ben Johnston - String Quartet No. 2, Light and Quick: With Grace & Humor
Lollek Et Bollek - Caution (Live)
Drowning the Virgin Silence - Soft White Fur
Electro Static Cat - Dysteleology, Side A (excerpt)
Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus
Don’t Be a Dragon Lady!
Richard Truhlar - Portrait of an Interview (excerpt)
Minimal Lethal Dose - Melting Point
Marc Barreca - Community Life
Kapotte Muziek - Edit Time
David Rothenberg - Glynwood Nights
Minóy (Stanley Keith Bowsza) - Pretty Young Negro Man
Abwärts - Maschinenland
19 - Television
Kikuri (Keiji Haino & Masami Akita a.k.a. Merzbow) - That Which Will Rise from Death Here Tonight Will Go Hand in Hand With a Glittering Echo Burdened with the Sin of Joy
Bauhaus - Spirit in the Sky
Kurt Weill - Very Very Very
You - Time Code
Chant D’Amour (Chants Populaires Tahitiens)
Nurse With Wound & Aranos - Some Magic Powers
Electro Static Cat - Dysteleology, Side B
F/i - Five Crowns of the Saxon King
Klaus legal - Lipstick in Ardennia
Lessons - Letting Him Mull
Eustache Du Caurroy - Plainchant: In Paradisum (performed by Doulce Memoire)
Jo Thomas - Butterfly Sweet:  Air (excerpt)
Elaine Radigue - Arthesis
Blood Stereo - The Giving Of The Grape (excerpt)
Shit and Shine - There are 2 Bakers Now
Jean-Claude Charlier & Son Orchestre - Is Suicide Worth Living
The Local Moon - Wolf In A Trap
[artist unknown] - Blue Basket (from Cambodian Cassette Archives)
Borful Tang - The Tides Of Land
Sugar Beet!
Ultima Rota Carri - Modus Moriendi IV (excerpt)
Patrizia Mattioli - Waves
Robert Wyatt - Old Europe