Thursday, October 31, 2013

Delirious Insomniac with Rock Bottom Crew Halloween 2013 special. Mad Monster Party w/ LIDIA VOMITO and BRYAN CHUMP CHANGE


Intro: 1. Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers- Graveyard Rock 2. Bobby McFadden- The Mummy 3. 45 Grave- Evil 4. Bobby Borris Picker and the Crypt-kickers 5- The Rabian -fiendish Idol 5. Dracula- I wanna bite your hand 6. Exploited- Horror Epics ----------------------------------------------- 7. Misfits- Halloween 8.Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs- lil red riding hood 9. Screaming Lord Sutch- Jack the Ripper 10.Goblin- Profondo Rosso 11.Siouxie and the Banshees- Spellbound 12.Screamin' Jay Hawkin's- Little Demon 13. Don Hinson and the Rigamorticians- Riboflavin Flavor non carbonated poly-unsaturated blood 14.The Special- Ghost Town -------------------------------------------------------------- 15.Dead Kennedy-Halloween 16.Samhain- all muder, all guts, all fun 17.Bobby Bare- Vampira 18.Nina Hagen- Wau Wau 19.Possessed- Exorcist 20.King Diamond- Halloween 21.Ramones- Pet Sematary 22.Concrete Blond- Bloodletting ---------------------------------------------------------------- 23. Ministry- Everyday is Halloween 24.Skinny Puppy- Grave Wisdom 25.Roky Erickson- Night of the Vampires 26.David Seville and Chipmunks- Witch Doctor 27.Death- Zombie Ritual 28.Diamanda Galas- Double Barrel Prayer ------------------------------------------------------------------ 29.Hallow's Eve- Horror Show 30.G.B.H.- Horror Story 31.Southern Death Cult- Apache

Saturday, October 26, 2013




Andre Popp -Perles De Cristal
Blinded From Glue aka Basic Food Group aka BFG 
-Through Dark Streets with Heavy Load
Petty Booka -Pretty Girls Don't Cry
Done Malone -#1
Cornish in a Turtleneck -Venician Vacation
Material -Soul Killer
CAN -I killed a Spider
Richard Youngs -Nil. AM


Chris Joss -You've Been Spiked
Larry Ellis & Black Hammer -Funky Thing
Tony Bowers & The Soul Choppers -Boilin' Water
DJ Sushi -Invasion of the Incredible Giant Crab Sandwich
DJ Food -Monocle
Sum -Taxi
Straffe F. R. -Culo En Tierra
Straffe F. R. -St. Anthony's Balsam
Baker, Bruckman, Zerang -No Climax for the Conscious Dead
BFG -Opera-tunity Only Knocks Twice
BFG -Despair Sleeps with Me 
Edip Akbayram -Yakar Inceden Inceden 
Them -Square Room
Olvis -Pacific Island 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Arvo guest DJ set and live performance on Daniel Burke's "Voice of Reason" Radio Show (WNUR)

Patchworks   Voice of Reason Part 1    Voice of Reason Part 2
2:13pmtenniscoatshakkatotemo aimasho
2:18pmmichael primethe mouth of hermesfructification
2:19pmzoviet francebring hessaburlap record chaarm 1982
2:24pmindian jewelrypoverty apeinvasive exotics
2:28pmnamanaxcascading waves of electronic turbulence
2:31pmessen dreckmarching ordersleap year bile
2:35pmmoultriggerexceerpt from birds cassette
2:35pmM.B.symphony for a genocide excerpt
2:38pmsonic youthpacific coast hwy
2:48pmfarraNTE& TEITCHER
3:02pmpink floydon the rundark side
3:07pmthmlost in timesynthi grp vol 3
3:14pmDjangosfireEML 200 improv
3:15pmJohan Shurerambient rushsynthi grp vol 3
3:19pmsiguldahe drwoned in a lake 20 years agobut now hes in space
3:25pmjason solidaysnarled ellipse/snared eclipsenonagon knivescrippled intellect
3:32pmWeinglaasssidrassi takes it slowmade of wood-game of life
3:36pmChrisn coseyjust like youheartbeat
3:38pmJonathon CanadyI Know Who You AreThe Mind
3:41pmminimoog CmathTVin the light led zep cover
3:43pmsonic dadaapart at the seamsresipiscent cd-serge mod users 2009
3:48pmJD Robbretrograde sequence from a tragedyLocustRhythmania: Music from Razor Blades to Moog
3:50pmM/N/M/LHipsSerge Modular Users 2009Resipiscent
3:53pmRobert PossThe StructureSettingsw/yello
3:56pmyelloAssistant's Cry/BostichSolid PleasureRalph Records
3:59pmthe north seabreathing in breathing outreliqueshed sparks
4:09pmthe silicon teenstv playtime
4:09pmdevomidgethardcore vol 1
4:15pmdavid bowiesound and visionlow
4:18pmLobisomemOxbow Remix by Ben VidaOnze Pedras Atiradas
4:21pmKUKLDismemberedThe Eye
4:33pmCrash WorshipWhat So Ever Thy Hand Findeth... excerpt
4:34pmDemon FuzzMercy (Variation No. 1)Afreaka!
4:40pmElvin JonesMini ModesThe Main Force
4:43pmAlexander HackeIntro/ParkdeckFilmarbeiten
4:56pmL.O.S.D.Organic 23 (Cd and 5" Locked Groove record)
4:56pmZurcih Street Soundsfield recording
5:27pmseefeelclimactic phase 3squique
5:34pmfaustwhy dont you eat carrotsfaust 1
5:49pmArvo Zylolive perormance! malfunctioning sequencer
6:12pmhawkwindpsychedlic warlordshall of the mountain grill
6:18pmwild sound collage
6:24pmmarkus schmicklersayy loudonea gako

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Arvo on Daniel Burke's "Voice of Reason" Radio Show (WNUR) October 21st

Between 2pm and 5pm Central on Monday October 21st *rescheduled*, Arvo will co DJ with Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety, WZRD alumni) as well as doing a solo performance on WNUR's "Voice of Reason" radio show (89.3 FM on the north side of Chicago).  There will be ticket giveaways for the upcoming performance / Delirious Insomniac anniversary show on October 29th at the empty bottle.  In all likeliness, the show will be archived at  To listen to Arvo's previous appearance on Dan's show, go here.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Redness [may well not be harmful] (with Daniel Burke / Illusion of Safety)

FM - Slaughter In Robot Village
Goblin - Profondo Rosso (Remix Version)
The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years From Home
Los Dug Dug's - Lost In My World
Dorian Gray - The Mole
Hawkwind - Assault & Battery (Part One)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Tramp
Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness
The Rascals - Please Love Me
RAG I RYGGEN - Det kan val inte vara farligt
Magazine - The Honeymoon Killers
Alternative TV - Breakdown
The Frantics - Werewolf

Live performance by Daniel Burke / Illusion of Safety

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Delirious Insomniac Annual Live Event

The Delirious Insomniac Annual Live Event

Galdron is a costumed black metal band that sort of looks like a mixture of scenes from ALIEN mixed with the Misfits. Their black metal is probably kitschy but I take it seriously because I don't understand what they're saying. one of the best acts I've seen in years.

WILT is probably the first noise act I've seen around 2002. They mix death industrial, dark ambient, and the best things you've heard from horror soundtracks in one bundle, with a steady balance of power electronics sensibilities and musique concrete mannerisms. They are brilliant, and they haven't played in Chicago since 2008. Their material has been released on labels such as Ad Noiseam and Bloodlust!. Their influence on Chicago experimental music is not to be understated.

Gas Mask Horse is Josh Piotrowski of grindcore band DISROBE. He was also the lead singer in the band URETHRA FRANKLIN & THE GHETTO CHILDREN in the 90s. GAS MASK HORSE came about after Josh created music for a haunted house that he'd built in the basement of some co-op. Often, Piotrowski augments his performances with wax scuptures and props, along with incense and costumes. Words don't do justice, the man is a true DIY zombie commando stalwart.

DJ Arvo Fingers has been heading the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show on WLUW more recently with the help of some friends, since 2007, syndicated in Croatia on since 2009. He's also been working at haunted houses since he was 14, and doing noise music since 2000. For this night, he will be playing his favorite halloween themed music and sound effects records, of which he has been collecting for years. He will also be doing a short performance under the name "Blood Rhythms".

Hope to see you there!

Daniel Burke will

On the evening of October 7th (tomorrow night) at midnight CST (technically the morning of Oct. 8th) Dan Burke/Illusion of Safety will be do a live set on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show.  It will be broadcast live on and archived here at

Aside from Burke's ongoing Illusion of Safety project, he's also been doing radio on and off since the 80s.  Currently  with his "Voice of Reason" WNUR radio show. which features sound experiments, collage, and a synth based "Patchworks" segment.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



3. Cultes Des Ghoules - Supreme Black Illumination 4. Danny Elfman - Beetlejuice Theme
5. Cabaret Voltaire - The Setup
6. Art Adams - Indian Joe
7. Paraf - Narodna Pjesma 
8. Saxon - 747 Strangers In The Night
9. Witchtrap - Dead Of The Night
10. Tales Of Terror - Evil
11. Nina Hagen - (Automobil) - Wenn Inc An Dich Denk
12. General Decay - Nobody's Home
13. Teenage Head - You're Tearing Me Apart
14. The Kac - Ties "Mr. Were-Wolf"
15. Alfred Hitchcock & John Allen - Ghost Stories Intro
16. Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady
17. TMA - Electric Shock
18. Post Mortem - Ready To Die
19. Power From Hell - Sacrifice
20. Coven - Black Sabbath
21. Christian Death - Desperate Hell
22. Marie Laforet - Mon, Amour, Mon Ami
23. The Rats - Rats Revenge
24. Chrome - March Of The Chrome Police
25. Genocide Organ - Burn
26. Bathory - Blood Fire Death
27. Sentimentale Jugent - Ghetto
28. Sad Lovers And Giants - The Things We Never Did
29. Count Five- Teeny Bopper, Teeny Bopper
30.Dee Dee King- Funkyman
31. Dead Moon-Walkin' on my grave
32.Lords of the new church- open your eyes
33.Ludus- I can't swim I have nightmares