Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Threshold

 "The Price of Existence is Eternal Warfare"

Soft Cell - Meet Murder My Angel
How To Destroy Angels - We Fade Away
Coil - How To Destroy Angels (excerpt)
A Murder of Angels - Crossing The Threshold

Fripp & Eno - An Index of Metals

Theologian - Abandon All Hope
Steel Hook Prostheses - The Blood Cough
Deform Uniform - Imminent Death

Anemone Tube - Prayer Walk
Drag Age - Side A from "Mask of A Crushed Insect" cassette
Propergol - Renegade
Mucophagia - Neo-Vagina 

PCRV - Cold  *and* Heyoka - excerpt from Side A of "Fourth Sheath OST" cassette *with*
Sylvia Plath Reading Her Poetry - The Ghost's Leavetaking / November Graveyard / On The Plethora of Dryads / The Moon Was a Fat Woman Once

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