Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Ghost -Regenesis 
Ghost -Live with Me
Steve Moore -Chiarioscuro
Experimental Music from Chile (Outer Ear Festival)
Vas Deferens Org. -Reverie
Numbers -EE-UH
Tenton -Hurt Locker
Laddio Bolocko -The Going Gong
Daniel Bird & Rob Palmer -The Long Journey Home
Otomo Yoshihide -(Iannis Xenakis Remix)
Curia -T-3 S/t
Yokota Susumu -Fairy Link


Jingo -Fever
Geraldo Pino -Heavy Heavy
The African Brothers -Sakatumbe
Kid Koala -Stompin'
Kid Koala -Space Cadet
Bird Show -Land Lovers
Alexander Rishaug -Cross Platform
Richard Leo Johnson & Greg Bendian -Rockasilly
Richard Leo Johnson & Greg Bendian -Shack in the Back
The Lonesome Organist -Ratt Advantage
The Lonesome Organist -The Lonesome Organist Theme
The Creation -Making Time
The Smoke -My Friend Jack
The Mikey Finn -Garden of my Mind
Acid Mothers Temple 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ہلاک ہوئے گھوڑے

 ہلاک ہوئے گھوڑے

Bad News - Typical Illusion
TOMB - Track 3 from "Nameless Spells and Incantations" pro CDR
Plagues - Excerpt from "Execution Techniques" side B
Gnawed - Enslaved
Negative Climax - excerpt from "Asura" cassette Side A
Nyodene D - Damnatio Memoriae
156 - Excerpt from "A Life Lived As If In Hell", "Sad A".
Carl Michael Von Hausswolff - Leftover Gods In Chicago (from "Three Overpopulated Cities Built By Short Sighted Planners")

Live set by John Boyle

Jason Kahn - excerpt from "Walcheturm" Side B
Hari Hardman - 033-""
Rings of Smoke Through The Trees - excerpt from "Esemplasty", Side A of s/t cassette on Danvers State Recordings.
Murderous Vision - The Blood On Your Hands
Bryan Lewis Saunders & Requiem - The Weaver Box (excerpt)
XNOQK - track 1 from "Neurocysticercosis" CDR 6/12 5-10-13

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Throwing Bones with Michael Esposito

 *all flexis*

Michael Esposito & Scanner - Chatter of the Eternal Return flexi

Cardboard flexi "addie john" handmade flexi.  April 16 1946.
Cardboard flexi "Betti C"  "Sir Echo"
Alfred E. Neumann Vocalizes "It's a Gas" (A Mad Record)
Bobby Sherman - Little Woman (Cereal box flexi)

Walter Payton - Doin' it Right (Kentucky Fried Chicken flexi)
Burger Chef & Jeff's Monster Fun Record - The Ghost of Grizzly Mountain
Mad Magazine presents "Gall In The Family Fare"
The Longines Symphonette Society Presents A Lasting Tribute to Judy Garland -  Living Sound
The Sights and Sounds of Fairfield Glade
Music In World Cultures, Music Educators Journal, October 1972, Music of Indonesia, Micronesia, Tahiti, Australia
Nichiren Shoshu Liturgy Gongyo - Hoben Chapter - Jigage Portion
Syntheffexx - Digital Production Demo
The Red Crayola  - Hurricane Fighter Plane
13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation

Richard Nixon - Nixon's The One (Excerpts from Richard M. Nixon's Nomination Acceptance Speech August 8, 1968
Dead Kennedys - Buzzbomb from Pasadena
W. I. Lenin - Was heissst Sowjetmacht? Uber die Mittelbauern 1919 Immer scheine die Sonne Moskau im Mai
Ministry - So What (Short Version) Reflex Magazine
Salvador Dali - L'apotheose Du Dollar racontee par Salvador Dali
Edgar Allen Poe & Leif Elggren - The Rocking Chair (the sound of Edgar Allen Poe's rocking chair rocking)
Front 242 - Rhythm of Time (No Voice) Reflex Magazine
Marja-leena Sillanpaa - bring new life to 33 of them
Konstantin Raudive - Breakthrough, an amazing experiment in electronic communication with the dead 1971
Michael Esposito & Patrick Esposito - The Maladjusted of Manteno Asylum (flexi audio pressed onto glue)
La Voix Des Notres flexi (Les Joyaux De La Princesse)