Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coagula Batching It

Sonar - Intruder
Regosphere/Lavas Magmas/Legless - Live In Glen Burnie (excerpt from 3" CDR)
Nookleptia - excerpt from "Archive 1993-2003" CDR
*with* Burial Hex - The Book of Delusions (excerpt)
World (of Dreams) - World Without End
*with* Vertonen - 5 AM Alone In A Body (excerpt)

Wilt & Crown of Bone - Neuroses of Enthrallment (excerpt)
Oikos - Solve
Requiem - Lament (excerpt)
True Widow - LUNGR

Dope - Untitled track from CDR on Passion and Torment
Lord Viper - Untitled track from untitled cassette
Mannequin Hollowcaust - Slow Infector
Illusion of Safety - Sweet Dreams

Isa Christ - excerpt from 19 Yin Yangs cassette
Emme Ya - Sigil Dissolution Drones

Kevin Harris - NI6B^RR [FOOD POISONING] (Excerpt)

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