Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RECORDS OF DOOM w/ ROCK BOTTOM CREW AKA Lidia Vomito and Bryan Chump Change


Delirious Intro
1. Black Sabbath- Beginning of the End
2.Motorhead- Rock n Roll
3.Dream Death-The Elder Race
4.The Dictators-Faster and louder
5.Angry Samoans-Carson Girls
6.Indestroy-Tortured by fire
7.Bolt Thrower- Challenge for power
8.Laaz Rockit- City's gonna burn
9.Battle Axe- Burn this town
10.Celtic Frost-Fainted eyes
11.Beyond Possession- Skaters Life
12.Goblin- Suspiria
13.Skinny Puppy- Far too Frail
14.Skinny Puppy- Love
15.The Warriors soundtrack-----Baseball furies Chase
16.Ministry- Land of rape and honey
17.Ymac Sumac-Jivaro
18.Savage Streets- Nothing's gonna stand in our way*
19.45 Grave- party time
20.Specimen- Kiss Kiss bang bang
21.The Sisters of Mercy- Marian 
23.Front 242-Tragedy for you
24.Hawkwind-Master of the Universe
24.Soft Cell- Sex Dwarf
25.The Cramps- surfin Dead

1 comment:

Joe F'n Schmoe said...

Killer setlist dudes! Rawk n' Roll! heheheh yahbooooos!