Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Everything Merges with the Night

Pharmakon - excerpt from Side B of "SOUR SAP" bonus cassette (comes with special edition Abandon LP on Sacred Bones)
Quttinirpaaq - Malvert
Actuary - Only Ghosts Hate New Things
Verdant - Helpless
Project # 9 - I'm A Terrorist (excerpt)
Nervesandgel - Doomed (Little Fyodor cover)

Zack Kouns - Rising (live, Minsk, Belarus, 30-01-2012)
Cruudeuces - gull slang
Corpse Candle - To Pull One's Own Teeth
Husere Grav - A3 from "Myths" single sided LP

Arvo reading from "Paradise On Earth" flyers (thanks to Scott Scholz for sending me the book of them!), over Husere Grav and Robert Turman's "Macro" cassette (Side B)

Dead Edits - Track 6 from "Lasso Throat"
The Vomit Arsonist - Ooh, What A Feeling (Brainbombs cover)
Locrian - The Eternal Return
Windhand - Amaranth

Moira Scar - Scarred For Life 
Koikaze - Live At Hanegi Kouen
Blood Stereo - excerpt from "This Creaking Thirst" cassette
Dreadlords - Lord of Chaos
Broken Penis Orchestra - Broken Runzel.eb Penis Gurgler Orchestra excerpt from Side B (Various Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock/Rudolf reworked)

Psychic TV - Hurry On Sundown (Hawkwind cover)

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dewberry said...

Captivating Pharmakon track. Great set.