Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RECORDS OF DOOM w/ ROCK BOTTOM CREW AKA Lidia Vomito and Bryan Chump Change


Delirious Intro
1. Black Sabbath- Beginning of the End
2.Motorhead- Rock n Roll
3.Dream Death-The Elder Race
4.The Dictators-Faster and louder
5.Angry Samoans-Carson Girls
6.Indestroy-Tortured by fire
7.Bolt Thrower- Challenge for power
8.Laaz Rockit- City's gonna burn
9.Battle Axe- Burn this town
10.Celtic Frost-Fainted eyes
11.Beyond Possession- Skaters Life
12.Goblin- Suspiria
13.Skinny Puppy- Far too Frail
14.Skinny Puppy- Love
15.The Warriors soundtrack-----Baseball furies Chase
16.Ministry- Land of rape and honey
17.Ymac Sumac-Jivaro
18.Savage Streets- Nothing's gonna stand in our way*
19.45 Grave- party time
20.Specimen- Kiss Kiss bang bang
21.The Sisters of Mercy- Marian 
23.Front 242-Tragedy for you
24.Hawkwind-Master of the Universe
24.Soft Cell- Sex Dwarf
25.The Cramps- surfin Dead

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let it Bleed

Evolution Control Committee - Music For Selling 

Necronomicon  - Tips zum Selbstmord

Voi Vod - Phobos

Celtic Frost - Ain Elohim

Goblin - main theme from " Contamination "

Nico Fidenco -  Music from " Porno Holocaust" (seq. 16)

Herschell Gordon Lewis - Old Joe Clark/ Gruesome Twosome radio spot

David Cross - Early Dance Music (from the "Hoisting the Black Flag " compilation- 1980)   

Intrinsic Action - Monitor  ( excerpt -1986) 


Anton Lavey - Whirling Dervish 

Chrome - Abstract Nympho 

This Heat - Rimp Romp Ramp  (Peel Sessions)

Joy Division - Day Of the Lords   (live  at YMCA - London ,UK 1979)

Bitches Sin -  Down The Road  (live )

Don Cherry and Kryzysztof Penderecki - Humus , The Life Exploring Force  (edit)  1971 

Volcano the Bear - Strausshand

Controlled Bleeding - untitled guitar experiment (live 1984)

Crash Worship - Awake


Controlled Bleeding - " Experiments in Fuck "  (live 1984,   Body Samples Remix)  




Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Audio File Pending

1. Jimmy Page -Lucifer Rising Soundtrack
2. Susumu Yokota -The Color of Fragments
3. Bruce Lamont -2 Then The 3
4. Yahowa 13 -Raga Nova 
5. Danniele Brusaschetto -Pueril
6. Helen Sage -French Pan Pan
7. Himhelmer -Fortchrift
8. Lao Kratob Mai -Shadow Music
9. Lonesome Organist -The Lost Oar
10 Numbers -Insomnia 
11. Steven Mallander -Length Of Time


12. Steven Mallander -Del Sol
13. Savages -Your My Chocolate
14. The New Master Sounds -Stay On The Groove
15. Jimmy Castor Bunch -It's Just Begun 
16. Jimmy Castor Bunch -King Kong
17. Chicago Underground Trio -Resistance
18. Tristeza - Track 3 (3rd Album)
19. Peter Principal -Independence Day


Skuli Sverrisson -Still

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Everything Merges with the Night

Pharmakon - excerpt from Side B of "SOUR SAP" bonus cassette (comes with special edition Abandon LP on Sacred Bones)
Quttinirpaaq - Malvert
Actuary - Only Ghosts Hate New Things
Verdant - Helpless
Project # 9 - I'm A Terrorist (excerpt)
Nervesandgel - Doomed (Little Fyodor cover)

Zack Kouns - Rising (live, Minsk, Belarus, 30-01-2012)
Cruudeuces - gull slang
Corpse Candle - To Pull One's Own Teeth
Husere Grav - A3 from "Myths" single sided LP

Arvo reading from "Paradise On Earth" flyers (thanks to Scott Scholz for sending me the book of them!), over Husere Grav and Robert Turman's "Macro" cassette (Side B)

Dead Edits - Track 6 from "Lasso Throat"
The Vomit Arsonist - Ooh, What A Feeling (Brainbombs cover)
Locrian - The Eternal Return
Windhand - Amaranth

Moira Scar - Scarred For Life 
Koikaze - Live At Hanegi Kouen
Blood Stereo - excerpt from "This Creaking Thirst" cassette
Dreadlords - Lord of Chaos
Broken Penis Orchestra - Broken Runzel.eb Penis Gurgler Orchestra excerpt from Side B (Various Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock/Rudolf reworked)

Psychic TV - Hurry On Sundown (Hawkwind cover)