Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vincent's Barbeque (with Rock Bottom)

Intro- Delirious Insomniac
1. Vincent Price- To Raise the dead
2. Torture- Into the darkness
3. Death SS- Inquisitor
4. Banshee- Breakdown
5. Sacrilege- Lifeline
6. Sabbat- All over the desolate land
7.Void- My rules
8.Die Kreuzen- Think for me
9. Satan- Time to Die
10. Blacklace- Call of the Wild
11.Crossfire- Second Attack
12. Indestroy- The Gate
13.Renegade- Necromancer
14.Black Flag- The Chase
15. D.I.-Richard Hung himself
16. Killer- Ready for Hell
17. Sweet Savage- Eye of the storm
18.The Brats- On Dope
19. Cardiac Arrest- Cadaverous Presence 
20. Infernal Majesty- Overlord
21. Running Wild- Merciless Game
22. Impaler- Blood Bath
23.Medieval- Face of Death
24. Baron Rojo- Stand Up
25. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers- Born to Lose
26.Vincent Price- Witches on the Heath
27. Misfits- Return of the Fly
28.Angel Witch- Dr. Phibes
29. Vulcano- The bells of Death
30.Witchtrap- Metal Mania
31.Zero Boys- Civilization's Dying
32. Wasted Youth- Young and Bored
33. Bolt Thrower-Through the eyes of Terror
34.English Dogs-False Prophet
35.Pure Hell- Future
36.White Pigs- Screamer

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