Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Macro Vomito Tuxedo Schizo Orgasmo Megalo Psycho with Mike Krause

F/i - Space Mantra
Current 93 - The Summer of Love
Muslimguaze - Under Black Light
P16.d4 -Physisch erschopft / Koronardilitation
Macronympha - Live on WRCT 1992 (Excerpt)

Pink Floyd -The Nile Song
Guru Guru -Der Elektrolurch
End Result - Dont Sleep In the Subway 
Tuxedomoon - Crash
L'akstremaunccio  - Codex Nazareus (1983)

Blut Aus Nord - End /the Choir of the Dead
Schizo - Psycho Terror
Acid Witch - Rabid Werewitch
Orgasmo - Severock
Vomitor - Megalomaniac

Aaron Dilloway - Corspe on Horseback 12" (side 1)
Severed Heads - Meanwhile Back At Art Unit(1983)
/Mong Dong /Cyflea Rated R (both 1984)

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