Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vincent's Barbeque (with Rock Bottom)

Intro- Delirious Insomniac
1. Vincent Price- To Raise the dead
2. Torture- Into the darkness
3. Death SS- Inquisitor
4. Banshee- Breakdown
5. Sacrilege- Lifeline
6. Sabbat- All over the desolate land
7.Void- My rules
8.Die Kreuzen- Think for me
9. Satan- Time to Die
10. Blacklace- Call of the Wild
11.Crossfire- Second Attack
12. Indestroy- The Gate
13.Renegade- Necromancer
14.Black Flag- The Chase
15. D.I.-Richard Hung himself
16. Killer- Ready for Hell
17. Sweet Savage- Eye of the storm
18.The Brats- On Dope
19. Cardiac Arrest- Cadaverous Presence 
20. Infernal Majesty- Overlord
21. Running Wild- Merciless Game
22. Impaler- Blood Bath
23.Medieval- Face of Death
24. Baron Rojo- Stand Up
25. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers- Born to Lose
26.Vincent Price- Witches on the Heath
27. Misfits- Return of the Fly
28.Angel Witch- Dr. Phibes
29. Vulcano- The bells of Death
30.Witchtrap- Metal Mania
31.Zero Boys- Civilization's Dying
32. Wasted Youth- Young and Bored
33. Bolt Thrower-Through the eyes of Terror
34.English Dogs-False Prophet
35.Pure Hell- Future
36.White Pigs- Screamer

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Macro Vomito Tuxedo Schizo Orgasmo Megalo Psycho with Mike Krause

F/i - Space Mantra
Current 93 - The Summer of Love
Muslimguaze - Under Black Light
P16.d4 -Physisch erschopft / Koronardilitation
Macronympha - Live on WRCT 1992 (Excerpt)

Pink Floyd -The Nile Song
Guru Guru -Der Elektrolurch
End Result - Dont Sleep In the Subway 
Tuxedomoon - Crash
L'akstremaunccio  - Codex Nazareus (1983)

Blut Aus Nord - End /the Choir of the Dead
Schizo - Psycho Terror
Acid Witch - Rabid Werewitch
Orgasmo - Severock
Vomitor - Megalomaniac

Aaron Dilloway - Corspe on Horseback 12" (side 1)
Severed Heads - Meanwhile Back At Art Unit(1983)
/Mong Dong /Cyflea Rated R (both 1984)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Azure Moon Is Dark Above Flaming Lakes

1. Brigitte Fontaine -Comme A' La Radio
2. Yma Sumac -Azure Sands
3. Dark -R.C.8.
4. Electric Moon -T-1 (Flaming Lake)


5. Massacre -After
6. Massacre -Gate
7. Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery -Primary Humor
8. Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery -Chance Operation
9. Renaldo and the Loaf -Dycotomy Rag
10. Renaldo and the Loaf -A Critical Dance
11. The Bonzo Dog Band -The Equestrian Statue 
12. Douglas Bing -I'm A Tree
13. Cavallo Meraviglioso -Wonderous Horse
14. Volcano And The Bear -T-8 (Classic Erasmus Fusion)
15. The Books -T-4 (The Way Out)
16. Kid Koala -Space Cadet 2
17. Leo Diamond -Laura
18. E. Trance -Enema Freak


19. Jorge Pinchenvsky -La maravillosa Marta y la fuerza de las cosas (Su Violin Magico La Pesada)
20.  Jorge Pinchenvsky -Parte del baile para grupos solistas
21. Brigette Fontaine w. Art Ensemble of Chicago -Le Goudron
22. Yma Sumac -Flame Tree
23. Dark -Zero Time


24. Maciunas Ensemble -Easy Take

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rotary Medullaries, Functionary Vagaries - featuring Nookleptia

Alice Cooper - Sick Things
Moloch - Plague II
Derniere Volonte - Soldat
Agoraphobic Nosebleed (Justin Broadrick Flesh of Jesu Mix)
Jimi Hendrix - Earth Blues
Jean Louis Costes - Royaume Des Morts
Lovely Little Girls - Buttocks of Gloss

Bloodiest - Fallen
Test Dept - Movement IV, The Cracked Facade
Dissecting Table - I Get My Slogun
Celluloid Mata - Faster Than Sputnik

Nookleptia live performance

Ramleh - Loser Patrol
Die Form - Murder / Projection
Ramleh - Redcap Part 6
Con-Dom - Get Right with God
Illusion of Safety - Third Rail

Nookleptia interview

Faust - Vagary
Can - Deadly Doris
Neu! - After Eight
Queen - All Dead, All Dead
Weasel Walter - Bohemian Rhapsody
Pig - 1979
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Genitorturers - Squealer
The Electric Hellfire Club - Lucifer Sam, Devil Inside, Land of Rape and Honey, Rush Rush, Anything Goes
Julian Beeston - It's So Easy
Gunter Schulz - My Michelle

Psychic TV - Set Controls For The Heart of The Sun
Chrome - Here Come The Warm Jets
Download - Download