Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frontier Disaster Fried Your Forgetful Mind

1. Frontier -T1 (from limited edition release )
2. Dance Disaster Music -Turn On -On 
3. Rishaug Alexander -Or L
4. Tinty Music -Refraction Grid
5. Bill Horist -Shadow of the Vestibule
6. Mugison -Petur Gretarsson
7. Mugison -Go Blind


8. Saboten -Low Chair
9. Luna Park Ensemble -Scramble Suite
10. Xiu Xiu -Apistat Commander
11. Sirjacq, Berthiaume, Teale -Freedom Fried
12. Brian Harnetty -The Night Is Quite Advancing
13. Brian Harnetty -The Soldier Pulled Off His Uniform Of Blue
14. Vashi Bunyan -I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
15. Curved Air -Marie Antionette


16. David Fanshawe -African Sanctus
17. David Fanshawe -Kyrie
18. Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy -The Tourisy
19. Sir Richard Bishop -6 Free Masonic Guitar
20. Magnog -Learning Forgetfulness
21. Magnog -Shapeshifter

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