Sunday, April 28, 2013


On the evening of May 6th/Morning of May 7th at midnight CST, Nookleptia will make an appearance on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show.   Streaming on, archived at

This project was started in 1993 in Denver, Co. The three original members were Alex Dodge, Ruth Saringer, and C. Turner. It is a means to express our creative audio ideas and interest. From loud bombastic walls of dense noise to soft chilling sonic landscapes. Nookleptia is the obsession one's thoughts are being stolen by others. It is getting people to think for better or for worse....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frontier Disaster Fried Your Forgetful Mind

1. Frontier -T1 (from limited edition release )
2. Dance Disaster Music -Turn On -On 
3. Rishaug Alexander -Or L
4. Tinty Music -Refraction Grid
5. Bill Horist -Shadow of the Vestibule
6. Mugison -Petur Gretarsson
7. Mugison -Go Blind


8. Saboten -Low Chair
9. Luna Park Ensemble -Scramble Suite
10. Xiu Xiu -Apistat Commander
11. Sirjacq, Berthiaume, Teale -Freedom Fried
12. Brian Harnetty -The Night Is Quite Advancing
13. Brian Harnetty -The Soldier Pulled Off His Uniform Of Blue
14. Vashi Bunyan -I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
15. Curved Air -Marie Antionette


16. David Fanshawe -African Sanctus
17. David Fanshawe -Kyrie
18. Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy -The Tourisy
19. Sir Richard Bishop -6 Free Masonic Guitar
20. Magnog -Learning Forgetfulness
21. Magnog -Shapeshifter

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tomorrow's Armchair Warriors

Tomorrow's  Armchair Warriors 
( with Dj Mike 

Earth - The Rebel
Voi Vod - Warchaic
Dishammer - Vintage Addiction
Running Wild - Chains and Leather
Ennio Morricone - Studio Di Colore, Sequita
Frank Zappa - Pumped and Waxed
Silver Apples - Program

Negativeland - Copying Is a Criminal Act
Controlled Bleeding - Bound In Stone
Psychic TV - I Love You, I Know
Psychic TV - This Is The Final War
David Bowie - Weeping Wall
Merzbow - Smelly Brain

Zebulon Kosted - Unit 731 (remix)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - A Zed and Two Cocks (excerpt)
Dimthings - Vidiot
Alice Cooper - Sick things
Jack Palance - The Meanest Man in the world
Sacrilege - Lifeline
Sleepers- She's fun
Goblin - Buio Omega -(suite 1)
PTV-  (Excerpt)  from
Themes 1

* recording archived for this show still in progress....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

L. Vomito and Chump Change (Rock Bottom)


 1. Warefare - Metal Anarchy
 2. Massacra - Enjoy The Violence
 3. Vendetta - Never Die
5.Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown
6.Accussed-Lifeless Zone
7.Spare Change- Crash & Burn
8.Agony Column-666 Guns for Satan
9.Virus- Pray for Wars
10.Comecon- Dog days
11. Cold Steel- Dead by Dawn
12.At War- The Hammer
13.Razor- Hot Metal
14.Dark Angel- Leave Scars
15.Battalion of Saints-My minds Deceased
16.Chastain- I've seen tomorrow
17.Bolt Thrower- Entrenched
18.Impulse Manslaughter- Walls
20.Burnt offering- Black Blasphamy
21.Aftermath- Chaos
22. Slaughter- Distergrater/ Incinerater
23.Racer X- Street Lethal
24. Diamond Head- It's a Electric
25. The Sweet- Man from Mecca
26.Helstar- Burning Star
27.Iggy Pop- 5'1
28.Scorpions- The sails of Charon
29.Pentagram- StarLady
30.Sudden Death- Crazy Lady
31.Exodus- Piranha
32.Foetus- Clothes Hoist

Friday, April 5, 2013

March Us To Persephone! featuring an Interview with JG Thirlwell / FOETUS

Thirlwell's "Narcissum Ascenda" installation, courtesy of

Foetus - Cosmetics (excerpt)
Foetus - Alladin Reverse
Steroid Maximus - I Will Love You Always (Wild Irish Rose)

Interview with JG Thirlwell

JG Thirlwell / Manorexia - Zithromax Jitters
Steroid Maximus - Naught
JG Thirlwell (from The Venture Bros) - Bolly
Foetus, Inc. - Smut
You've Got Foetus on Your Breath - What Have You Been Doing?
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - Satan Place

Foetus - Downfall