Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Fog King Walks Through Seasons Of Sleep

Hansson Karlsson -Live 1967(Popside TV)
Julie Driscoll -Season of the Witch
Cambodian Space Project -The House of the Risisng Sun
Keven Ayers -Decadence
Truth -Archimids Pad


Truth -Square Room
Rapoon -Satoranam
SPK -Maladia Europa
Baker, Bruckmann, Zerang -We All Sleep Seared in Firey Wire
Dominique Dalcan -The Look of Love
The Gruesome Twosome -I Don't Care
James and Eno -Frequency Dip
Peter Hamill -The Jargon King
Peter Hamill -Fog Walking
The Bug -Track 2 (The Conversation)


Baker, Sandstrom, Williams, Zerang -Live 2012(Hungry Brain)
Elisabeth Waldo -Pagan Rituals

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