Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Branch Theory

Foetus - How To Vibrate
Illusion of Safety - Excerpt from "Probe" CD track 2
Dog Lady Island - Excerpt from "The Stop Circle of Singing" cassette side A
Big City Orchestra - Dirt Road to Cliff (excerpt)
n. colyarp - "Don't Think About It" excerpt from s/t cassette
Breast Fed Yak - The Joey Rejection

Satyr/Elfheim - The Mountain of Lodestone
Endon - Dualduel
Dave Phillips - The Hermeneutics of Fear of God  (excerpt from CD)

Dromez - Everywhere You Haven't Looked (excerpt)
Malware - Track 3 from "Crowd Extermination" CDR
Reality - excerpt from "AGGRO", split cassette with Zombra
Boar - excerpt from track 1 from untitled CDR on Breaching Static
Torturing Nurse - excerpt from "Alive Not Dead"

Skin Graft - excerpt from side B of "Medic" cassette

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