Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thanks to Rock Bottom, Chump Change and L. Vomito, for filling in while I was on tour!

1. Intro 
2. The Troggs- Wild Thing
3. Alice Cooper- I'm Eighteen 
4. Misfits- Night of the living dead
5. V8- Destruccion
6. Helloween- Murderer
7. Living Death- Heavy Metal Hurricane 
8. 76% Uncertain- Too much to dream
9. 7 seconds- No Authority 
10.Ghostly Sounds- Goblin Dance
11. Voivod- Mechanical Mind
12. GG Allin- No Rules
13. Manson Youth-  Sad Story
14. Metal Church- Over my dead body
15. Anvil Bitch- Neckbreaker
16. Dayglo Abortions- Stupid Song
17. N.O.T.A.- Disconnected
18. Enforcer- Mistress from Hell
19.B.G.K.-  Arm Force
20.Caustic Cause-Look to the left
21. Bullet -give me some power
22. pestilence- chronic infection
23.Bulldozer- fallen Angel 
24.Plasmatics-Black leather monster
25.Seige- Walls
26.Repulsion- The stench of burning death
27.Sodom-Agent Orange
28.Stains- Sick and Crazy
29.Dead Steelmill- I'll come back to life for you
30.Destruction- Total Disaster
31.Tormentor- Heaven
32. Split Beaver- Hounds from Hell
33.A-II-Z- Treason
34.Jag Panzer- Lincensed to Kill
35.URBN DK- Your War
36.Insted- Not for me
37.Negative Element- what ever happened to elmer fudd
38.Master- Judgement of will
39. Battalion of Saints- No more Lies
40.Power from Hell- fetish of hell
41.D.R.I.- Blockhead
42.Running Wild- Adrian S.O.S.
43. The Troggs- with a girl like you

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