Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thanks to Rock Bottom, Chump Change and L. Vomito, for filling in while I was on tour!


1. Intro
2. Black Sabbath- Snowblind
3. Accept- Save Us
4. Iron Maiden- Flash of the Blade
5.Macabre- Serial Killer
6.Repulsion- Slaughter of the innocent
7.Coroner- Suicide Command 
8.Deathrow- Satans Gift 
9.Anti-Nowwhere League - Animal
10. Die Kreuzen- Think for me
11.Gorilla Biscuits- Big Mouth 
12.Bathory- Raise the Dead
13. Death- Denial of Life
14. Articles of Faith- Bad Attitude
15.Big Boys- Brick Wall
16. Necros- Conquest for Death 
17. Diamond Head- It's Electric 
18.Picture- Heavy Metal Ears
19.Prong- Disblief 
20.D.B.C. (Dead Brain Cells)- Monument
21.Death Breath- Chopping Spree
22.Sodom- Nuclear Winter
23.Sarcofago- Satanic Lust
24.Sadus- Certain Death
25.Znowhite- Somethin for Nothin
26.Bitch- Skull Crusher
27.Motor head- We are the Road Crew
28. Holy Moses- Road Crew
29.Minor Threat- Think again
30.D.R.I.- A Coffin
31.Void- My Rules
32.Celtic Frost- Suicidal Winds
33. Merciless Death- Command Death
34.Rock Goddess- My Angel
35.Battle Axe- Burn this town
36.Savage Grace- Sins of the damned 
37.Voivod- Psychic Vaccuum
38.Vulcano- Priestess of Bacchus

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