Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Extant / Excerebration / Exaeresis / Excelsior


Gil Melle - Wildfire/Hex (from Andromeda Strain Soundtrack)
Gog - Into Her, She Carved The Word Empty
dave phillips - (you are mistaking me for) someone who cares

Kurotage - Prayer Song*
K.K. Null - MSBRip*
A.V.I. - "-_-"*

Order of Melchizedek - Subliminal Summoning Version I*
Harukichi - Kojilla*
Daniel Menche and Koji Tano - Unholy Floor (1996)*
Industria Masoquista - Adios Amigo*

Murderous Vision - You
Contagious Orgasm - Post-Painterly Abstraction
Sky Burial - Incantare
Comfort Link - excerpt from "The Gentle Sounds of" Cassette Side B

NON/Boyd Rice - Turn Me On, Dead Man (Reprise, featuring Z'ev)
Locrian - The Final Epoch

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