Tuesday, January 8, 2013


***From now on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show has been reduced to 2 hours***
Station regulations have changed to no longer allow community programs to be longer than 2 hours. 

Des Slow - Requiem for MSBR
Tigre Merde - The Beast In The Cave (excerpt)
Baby Zizanie - Live in Arnhem 24.05.03
Mahler Haze - excerpt from side A of "Lupus Dei"
Schandor Kallosh - Northern Tale (ANS Synthesizer 1966)

Plastic Boner Band - "To The Many" (excerpt from S/T cassette side A)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - excerpt from split tour CDR with Boar/Justin Marc Lloyd

Simony - Recht Und Unrecht
Normal Police - Tazed and Confused
FILTH - "Dextromethorphan Telepathy" (excerpt)
NON/Boyd Rice - Man Cannot Flatter Fate

Fluid - Disassembly of the Self
Federico Barabino / Don Campau - Mantra Que Remueve
Jeff Host - Eulogy
The Noisettes - Double Niacin
moultrigger - excerpt from side A of "Birds" cassette

Jarboe + Cedric Victor -  Summoning Tigers In Dark Eden
KWAIDAN - excerpt from tape on Accidental Guest Recordings
Death Factory - Save Your Servant
Pommel - What Are You Going To Do With A Million Dollars?
Innocent Kittens - Selah Star
Wm. Berger, Mama Baer, und Kommissar Hjuler - Lingus 31.31

dead edits - posture test fetish
Frank Rosaly - excerpt from "Centering And Displacement" Side A
Zombra - Owlman

Dimension X (Old Time Radio) - Dwellers In Silence

Dottie Walters - Seven  Secrets of Selling To Women

Friedrich Nietzche - Beyond Good and Evil (Librivox audio book)


Anonymous said...

I'm okay with this. As much as I love your show, I often lost attention after the second hour.

sam h said...

Thanks Arvo!