Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Angels without Heads

Doubled Yellow Swans- Global Clone (track1)
Shinjuku Thief - Sacred Fury (live)
Faust - No Sowas
Winters In Osaka - Through Twilight
Deutsch Nepal - Executioner Angel

Arvo Zylo - Upheaval (version 3)
BreakDancing Ronald Reagan - Untitled (from Sound Cloud)
Etant Donnes - untitled track 1 from "Bruitiste"

NWW/Stereolab - Simple Headphone Mind
Human Flesh - Accident
Clock DVA - Soundmirror
SPK - Necropolis

Eugene Chadbourne - Spiro
Screaming DukDuks - This Bloated Constitution
Pinal Ventana - SSS - The Land with No Heads
Sacrifice -  Forever Enslaved
Impetigo - I work for the streetcleaner (excerpt intro)
Midnight - its a Sacrifice
Little Dougie -Glass doors
Coil /NWW- how to destroy angels 2

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