Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I was in the shower where these wounds (with Michael Krause)

Maurizio Bianchi  - Industrial Murder
Zos Kia - Be Like Me  "12

SiKhara - Al Medina
Gamelan Gong Kebar  (Indonesian Music)
The Flying Lizards - Her Story
Dust - Learning To Die

Triptykon -Shatter
Nachtmystium - Hellish Overdose
Scorched Earth - Hell on Mars
K. Penderecki - Anklasis
Midnight - Servant of no One

Metabolismus - Walzstrom Aus Partikeln/Merh GenuB dutch stereo/Grunenberg

Christian Marclay - His Masters Voice (excerpt)
Severed Heads - Alaskan Polar Bear Heater
Reportaz - Stained Glass

Mothers of Invention - Mom + Dad/Harry You're A Beast/Whats the Ugliest Part Of Your Body
Renaissance - Rahan Khan

Marconympha - excerpt from cutups, drones + other weird

Erkin Koray -  Yalniz Sen Varsin
Kamuran Akkor - Kim Ne Derse Desin
Mavi Isiklar - Ask Cicegi
Erkin Koray - Bir Olasilik
Afet Serenay -Maden Dagi
Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar - Trip
Cem Karaca + Mogollar - Obur Dunya
Sakir Oner Guham - Ben Bu Yaralara nerden Dus Oldum

Sirin - Sevgili Golgem

60's drive in voice overs
Tex Williams - Never Trust A women
The Bugs - Albert Albert
Cocteau Twins -    High Monkey Monk
Current 93 - Ballad of a Pale Girl "12
Intrinsic Action - Source Control (29 below mix)
Triptykon - Dethroned Emperor  (live- featuring Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone)
Billy Vaughn - Time of the Season
Chuck Berry- In The Wee Wee Hours
Praew Jik - The Center Signal Of Horror
Dzyan - Electric Silence

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The African Emperor Breathes Gold into the Panic Garden -DJ Matt Knife


Mekons -Never Been in a Riot
Alain Goraguer -Ten Est Assome
BS 2000 -Mr Critic
BS 2000 -The Scrappy
Drums and Tuba -El Tubador
Vola Puk -We Can
Creed Taylor Orchestra (Shock)-Your Driving Me Crazy 
Creed Taylor Orchestra (Shock)-Out Of This World
Clock DVA -(from White Souls In Black Suits)
Yahowa 13 -Big Kundalini
Midnight Snake -Sacred Mist 
Paper Bag -Through Your Eyes
Colleen -Everyone Alive Wants Answers
Flight FINAL


Katie Lee -Will To Fail
Rajput & Sepoy -Up Up And Away
Asa Chang & Junray -Parlor
Lutz Glandien -Tile Windows Horizontally
Lutz Glandien -Close Song Without Save
Icarus -Gnog
Subtle Reign -Confusion
Andre Popp and His Orchestra -Java
Murcof -Una
Micro East Collective -Out Of My Face
Micro East Collective -Determinant
Arthea -Pentatonic
Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Fetisch Park -Reiz


Emperor Machine -Expanding In Reproduction
O'Rang -Jalap
Rapoon -Fallen Gods
Rapoon -Breathing Gold
African Head Charge -Dinosaurs Lament
African Head Charge -Beriberi
African Head Charge -Snake Skin Track Suit
Mahmoud Amed -Indenesh Gedaow
Mahmoud Amed -Bemin Sebeb Litlash
Mong Hang -Mochochiki
Boredoms -2 Circles

Boredoms -Arrow Up
Richard Pinhas -Tikkun (Part1)
Mimir -December 2nd 1989
Pelt -Rockets
Keven Ayers -Kayers 2(?)


 Artery -Into The Garden

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom DJs

Delirious Insomniac Intro

Brocas Helm- Black Death
S.O.A (State of Alert).- Lost in Space
Suicidal Tendacies- Cyco
Blessed Death- Eternal War
Blood Feast- Kill for Pleasure 
Crumbsuckers- Just Sit there
T.S.O.L.- Abolish Government/ Silent Majority
Hobbs Angel of Death- Satan's Crusade
Coroner- Suicide Command
Deathrow- Satan's Gift
Burnt Offering- Kick your dirt

Black Sabbath- Into the Void
Sacracife- Sacracife 
Sick Pleasure- Sick Pleasure
Code of Honor- Code of Honor
Bloodlust- Soldier of fortune
Bad Brains- Right Brigade

Oz- Fire in the Brain
Manowar- Black Wind- Fire and Steel
Helstar- Burning Star
Meatmen- one down three to go
The Accused- Slow Death
Carnage- Dark Recollection
Odin-The Writer
The Unsane- the god send
Iron Angel- Rush of power

Deicide- Dead by Dawn
Repulsion- Maggots in your coffin
Whiplash- Stage Dive
G.B.H.- Necrophilia
Genocide- Die Wasted
Hallows Eve- Plunging to Megadeath 
Sabotage- The Whip 
Poison Idea- Think Twice
M.D.C.- King of thrash 
Iron Maiden- Killers

Macabre- Holiday of Horror
GWAR- Maggots
Raven- Bring the hammer down
Exciter- Pounding Metal
Instigators- The Fix

The Offenders- I hate myself
Venom- Die Hard
Nasty Savage- Gladiator
Black Flag- No Values
The Nip Drivers- Nips get pissed

Trouble- Assassins
Hellhammer- Horus/Aggressor
Plasmatics- Nothing
Murphy's law- Fun
Obituary- slowly we rot
Mercyful Fate- Gypsy
Metal Church- Ton of bricks
Slaughter- Incinerator 
Hellwitch- Nosferatu

Slayer- Aggressive perfector
Violence- Serial Killer
Anti-Nowhere League- I hate people
Gorilla Biscuits- Big Mouth
Cutty Sark- Attack
Impulse Manslaughter- Vomit heads
Minor Threat- Seeing Red
Victim- On the street tonight
Exocist- Execution of witches
Carnivore- Angry Neurotic catholics
Sodom- Witching Metal

Sepultura- Arise
M.O.D.- Bubble Butt
S.D.P.- Hefty
Adolescents- kids of the black hole
Laaz Rockit- Forced to fight
Voivod- Cockroaches
Overkill- Overkill
Possessed- Death Metal
Metallica- Jump in the fire(demo)