Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Well Svengoolie! with Rock Bottom Crew

Sabbat (Eng)- A cautionary tale
Autopsy- charred remains
Exorcist-Riding to Hell
Attitude Adjustment-Rambo
C.O.C.- Madworld
Accused- Splatterbeast
Zoetrope- Break your Back
Tygers Pan Tang- Suzie Smiles
Speed Queen- Rock On
AC/DC- Live Wire
Motorhead- Jailbait
Cianide- Death Metal Maniac
Death-Living Monstrosity
Impetigo- Boneyard
Genocide- Die Wasted
Wehrmacht- United Shoe Brothers
Sudden Impact- Keep on Truckin'
Hawaii- Living Sin
Scorpions-Virgin Killer
Pentagram- Forever My Queen
Black Sabbath- Children of the Grave
Voivod- Psychic Vaccum
Napalm Death- C.S.
Doom- Stop the Slaughter
Rudimentary Peni- Nothing but a Nightmare
Crass- You've got big hands
Helloween- Murder
Viking- Hellbound
Bulldozer- Fallen Angel
Bathory- Hades
Beyond Possession- Skaters life
Gang Green- Skate to Hell
Razor- Speed Merchants
Sodom- Blasphemer

Delirious Insomniac Intro

Coven- Black Sabbath
Chesterfield Kings- I'm not talking
Gism- Endless Blockades For the pussyfooter
Residents- Laughing song
Archie King- The Vampires
Big Black- Jordan Minnesota
Killing Joke- The Wait
Milton DeLugg- The Whip
Roxy Music- Virginia Plain
Svengoolie- Boogie Woogie of Boogeyman of Berwyn
Honeymoon Killers(FRA)- J4
Love- My little red book
Malaria!- Geh Duschen
Kortatu- Don Vito y la revuelta en el frenopatico
Polansky el Ardor- Catalepsia
Boners- Good Bad
The Fall- I'm a Mummy
Unit 3 with Venus- Pajama Party
Ian Dury and the Blockheads- Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll
The Pudz- Take me to your Leader
Leningrad Sandwich- Deadline
Wall of Voodoo- Back in Flesh
Chris Spedding and the Vibrators- Pogo Dancing
Dracula- Surf Monster
Dick Dale- Let's go Trippin
The Mummies- Wild Mutha
Alternative T.V.- Action Time Vision
Members- Sound of the surburbs
The Only Ones- Another Girl another Planet
Screamin' Jay Hawkins- Little Demon
Memluks- Wartime Romance
? and the Mysterians- 96 tears
Richard Hell and the Voidoids- Love comes in Spurts
The Rotters- Sit On My Face Stevie Nix
The Victims- Television Addict
Eddie and the Hot Rods- Teenage Depression
The Ruts- Babylon's Burning
United Balls-Pogo in Togo
Undertones- Teenage Kicks
X-ray Spex- I'm a Cliche
Ennio Morricone-  The man with Harmonica (excerpt)

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