Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Corpse Carriage Through The Sporting Wreckage (with live sets by DROMEZ)

Direct recordings didn't work, but thanks to Overload Magazine and an archiving system here at the station, you can listen to recordings of the broadcast here and here.  Thanks to DROMEZ for playing!

Sektor 304 - Black Tide Dub (Malignant Antibodies comp)
Theologian + Bain Wolfkind - Human Pony Girl* (Samhain cover, from Heathen Harvest's Samhain comp)
Danzig - Bleedangel
Curse - Dog Catcher (Demo)
Anastasia Vronski - Vodka Gate

Chrome - Armageddon
Plasmatics - Lightning Breaks
Roky Erickson - I Think Up Demons

Gnawed - Groza*
Linekraft - Rengoku
Richard Kamerman - Track 1 from "None For The Money" CD
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Obviously Not A Hairmaster (from Austin Noise 2012 2xCDR comp)
Diaphragmatic - excerpt from "Artist Mentality"
Murderous Vision / Skin Graft - collaboration track from "Corpse Abuse" CDR
Wraiths - excerpt from "Dust In Our Mouths" CD
Neil Jendon - Staggers and Folds
COIL - Chaostrophy

Live set by DROMEZ

Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler - Untitled Track 1 from Zahn - Polizei CDR
Bryan Eubanks / Jason Kahn - excerpt from "Energy (Of)" CD

Live set by DROMEZ

Sky Burial - The Equine Knocks*
The Subtraction - Nodens Breath  (excerpt)
Anastasia Vronski - The Tears
8ALLZ - Live at Green House (split with BETCH N TURD)
Scant Intone - Goodbye
Styrofoam Sanchez - Fish Can Carry Guns
Iron Fist of The Sun - Unrepairable*
G*Park - Corpse Side 1
Don Campau and Pharmakustic - Spinal Fusion (excerpt)
Illusion of Safety - Thanksgiving
SHHE RETINA STIMULANTS - Air Fight and Prostitution Patterns
AMK - excerpt from Silverfish cassette
Daniel Johnston - Desperate Man Blues

NUNDATA - excerpt from "GOLD" cassette (limited to 7 copies, hand carved, hand painted tapes!)

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