Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Corpse Carriage Through The Sporting Wreckage (with live sets by DROMEZ)

Direct recordings didn't work, but thanks to Overload Magazine and an archiving system here at the station, you can listen to recordings of the broadcast here and here.  Thanks to DROMEZ for playing!

Sektor 304 - Black Tide Dub (Malignant Antibodies comp)
Theologian + Bain Wolfkind - Human Pony Girl* (Samhain cover, from Heathen Harvest's Samhain comp)
Danzig - Bleedangel
Curse - Dog Catcher (Demo)
Anastasia Vronski - Vodka Gate

Chrome - Armageddon
Plasmatics - Lightning Breaks
Roky Erickson - I Think Up Demons

Gnawed - Groza*
Linekraft - Rengoku
Richard Kamerman - Track 1 from "None For The Money" CD
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Obviously Not A Hairmaster (from Austin Noise 2012 2xCDR comp)
Diaphragmatic - excerpt from "Artist Mentality"
Murderous Vision / Skin Graft - collaboration track from "Corpse Abuse" CDR
Wraiths - excerpt from "Dust In Our Mouths" CD
Neil Jendon - Staggers and Folds
COIL - Chaostrophy

Live set by DROMEZ

Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler - Untitled Track 1 from Zahn - Polizei CDR
Bryan Eubanks / Jason Kahn - excerpt from "Energy (Of)" CD

Live set by DROMEZ

Sky Burial - The Equine Knocks*
The Subtraction - Nodens Breath  (excerpt)
Anastasia Vronski - The Tears
8ALLZ - Live at Green House (split with BETCH N TURD)
Scant Intone - Goodbye
Styrofoam Sanchez - Fish Can Carry Guns
Iron Fist of The Sun - Unrepairable*
G*Park - Corpse Side 1
Don Campau and Pharmakustic - Spinal Fusion (excerpt)
Illusion of Safety - Thanksgiving
SHHE RETINA STIMULANTS - Air Fight and Prostitution Patterns
AMK - excerpt from Silverfish cassette
Daniel Johnston - Desperate Man Blues

NUNDATA - excerpt from "GOLD" cassette (limited to 7 copies, hand carved, hand painted tapes!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DROMEZlive on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show November 26th at Midnight CST

On the evening of November 26th, DROMEZ from Austin, TX will be performing live on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show.  Streaming on, archived here at

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Well Svengoolie! with Rock Bottom Crew

Sabbat (Eng)- A cautionary tale
Autopsy- charred remains
Exorcist-Riding to Hell
Attitude Adjustment-Rambo
C.O.C.- Madworld
Accused- Splatterbeast
Zoetrope- Break your Back
Tygers Pan Tang- Suzie Smiles
Speed Queen- Rock On
AC/DC- Live Wire
Motorhead- Jailbait
Cianide- Death Metal Maniac
Death-Living Monstrosity
Impetigo- Boneyard
Genocide- Die Wasted
Wehrmacht- United Shoe Brothers
Sudden Impact- Keep on Truckin'
Hawaii- Living Sin
Scorpions-Virgin Killer
Pentagram- Forever My Queen
Black Sabbath- Children of the Grave
Voivod- Psychic Vaccum
Napalm Death- C.S.
Doom- Stop the Slaughter
Rudimentary Peni- Nothing but a Nightmare
Crass- You've got big hands
Helloween- Murder
Viking- Hellbound
Bulldozer- Fallen Angel
Bathory- Hades
Beyond Possession- Skaters life
Gang Green- Skate to Hell
Razor- Speed Merchants
Sodom- Blasphemer

Delirious Insomniac Intro

Coven- Black Sabbath
Chesterfield Kings- I'm not talking
Gism- Endless Blockades For the pussyfooter
Residents- Laughing song
Archie King- The Vampires
Big Black- Jordan Minnesota
Killing Joke- The Wait
Milton DeLugg- The Whip
Roxy Music- Virginia Plain
Svengoolie- Boogie Woogie of Boogeyman of Berwyn
Honeymoon Killers(FRA)- J4
Love- My little red book
Malaria!- Geh Duschen
Kortatu- Don Vito y la revuelta en el frenopatico
Polansky el Ardor- Catalepsia
Boners- Good Bad
The Fall- I'm a Mummy
Unit 3 with Venus- Pajama Party
Ian Dury and the Blockheads- Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll
The Pudz- Take me to your Leader
Leningrad Sandwich- Deadline
Wall of Voodoo- Back in Flesh
Chris Spedding and the Vibrators- Pogo Dancing
Dracula- Surf Monster
Dick Dale- Let's go Trippin
The Mummies- Wild Mutha
Alternative T.V.- Action Time Vision
Members- Sound of the surburbs
The Only Ones- Another Girl another Planet
Screamin' Jay Hawkins- Little Demon
Memluks- Wartime Romance
? and the Mysterians- 96 tears
Richard Hell and the Voidoids- Love comes in Spurts
The Rotters- Sit On My Face Stevie Nix
The Victims- Television Addict
Eddie and the Hot Rods- Teenage Depression
The Ruts- Babylon's Burning
United Balls-Pogo in Togo
Undertones- Teenage Kicks
X-ray Spex- I'm a Cliche
Ennio Morricone-  The man with Harmonica (excerpt)

Monday, November 5, 2012



November 10, 2012 8:00pm
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3
Chicago, IL

Chances are, you've been in a photograph by Karina Natis. You might not know it. You might not know her. You might be a flailing limb, a shock of falling hair, drowned in a swath of light, capsized in a pool of sweat, blood, or beer. But you're there.

In June, Karina was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's B-cell Lymphoma, manifesting as a six-inch tumor between her left lung and heart. After 18 weeks of chemotherapy, her tumor has all but disappeared, and a final month of radiation treatment will hopefully cure her for good.
Like so many thousands of people in this country and many of us in the underground music community, Karina is uninsured, and the cost of the chemotherapy alone extends into the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the numerous surgical procedures needed for access to the tumor site and the weeks spent recovering in-hospital.

We're thrilled to announce that some wonderful people (who also happen to be fantastic musicians) have stepped forward to donate their time and talent in an effort to help stem the flow of the enormous cost of Karina's treatment. We invite you to join them in giving back to Karina, who has shared so much of her artistic gift with us and the Chicago DIY community at large. An incredible audio-visual lineup has come into being, bringing musicians and artists from all corners of Chicago together to make sound and light in celebration.

We are proud to present:
Pandava (featuring members of Quicksails, Chemtrails, and Mines)
Arvo Zylo
Dead Dragon Mountain (members of Sunsplitter)
Instinct Control
Wish Fulfillment

and visuals by Theodore Darst

November 10, 2012. 8pm
$8 in advance (paypal link coming)
$10 at the door

For more information about Karina's photography, please visit

Friday, November 2, 2012

Help wfmu!

 Hurricane Sandy  WfMU catastrophe, more here.   ExtremeIy important radio station.