Tuesday, October 9, 2012

with Guest DJ Richard Syska

Sewer Goddess - Swollen Skin Rips
Vacio Perfecto - Tecniche Perse track 2
Tharsis Tholis - Grumpled Bodies
Andy Slater - Vein Tracer
Asva & Philippe Petit - Apocryphatic Ally
Propergol - Hikikomori (Me & Mrs. Seclusion)

Benjamin Lew Steven Brown  -Bamako ou ailleurs
                                                -De L'autre Cote du Fleuve
This Heat -Live 1980
Encre -Gold

Volcano The Bear -The Color of my Mind
Pluramon -Teeuil
Strafe F.R. -The Bay
Agentss -Agentss
Black Future -Eu Sou o Rio
The Membrain Conspiracy -Crepusculous  Anthem
Can -On the way to Mother Sky -Live
Can -Live Colchester Finale 1972
Michael Karoli & Sofortkontak -Pounding Venus

Vampyros Lesbos -Countdown to Nowhere
                             -Peoples Playground
Urtha Kitt -I want to be EVIL
Hoi (Roady Music for Vietnam) -Dan bau Vietnam
Osamu Kitajima -benzaiten
Fripp Eno -Evensong
Tom Newman -Sad Song
White Noise -Love without Sound
Winwood/Kabaka/Amao -Irin Ajo
Olvis -Acid Trip Festival
Cloudland Canyon -White Woman
Biota -Track 1(Object Holder)
Pedro Carnero -e todo eu me alevanto e todoeu ardo
Pangeia Instrumentos -Journey with no return
Fred Frith -Jig Saw

Francis Dhomont -Allegro (Frankenstien Symphony)
Holger Czukay -Der Osten Ist Rot
                       -Das Massenmedium
Fibre Forms -Soaring
Map Station -Watch the Stars
Bruce Gilbert -Insiding

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