Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rock Bottom Guest Hosts, October 02, 2012

Rock Bottom Set on Delirious:


Delirious Insomniac Intro (Two Hrs. of Punk & Metal)

1. Mercyful Fate- Come to the Sabbath
2. Tygers of Pan Tang- Killers
3. G.B.H.-Sick Boy
4. Cryptic Slaughter- Lowlife
5. Kreator- Pleasure to Kill
6. Haywire-Sword Swallower
7. Aggression- Metal Slaughter
8. Nuclear Assault- Stranded in Hell
9. Armored Saint- March of the Saint
10. Bathory- Hades
11. Angry Samoans- Lights Out
12. Raw Power- State Oppression
13. Iggy & the Stooges- Raw Power
14. Scorpions- The sails of Charon
15. Entombed- Revel in flesh
16. Savage Grace- Into the fire
17. The Rods- Let them eat Metal
18. Vice Squad- Stand Strong Stand Proud
19. Piledriver- Metal Inquisition
20. Heathen- Death by hanging
21. Judas Priest- Sinner
22. D.I.- Perverse Nurse
23. Death Piggy- Nympho
24. Battalion of Saints- My Mind's Diseased
25. Cirith Ungol- Atom Smasher
26. Violence- Kill on Command
27. Whiplash- Warmonger
28. The Accused- Halo of Flies
29. Saint Vitus- White Stallions
30. At War- The Hammer
31. The Effigies- Body Bag

Delirious Insomniac Intro (Two Hrs. of Free Form Music)

32. Louise Huebner- The demon spell for energy
33. Electric Hellfire Club- Hellfire!
34. Skinny Puppy- Spasmolytic
35. Bauhaus- Stigmata Martyr
36. Lords of the New Church- Russian Roulette
37. Ludus- I can't swim, I have Nightmares
38. New York Dolls- Human Being
39. Tom Waits- I don't wanna grow up
40. Alien Sex Fiend- Nightmare Zone
41. Malaria!- Gen Duschen
42. Adam and the Ants- Beat my guest
43. Roxy Music- Virginia Plan
44. Dead Moon- Graveyard
45. The Dickies- I'm O.k., You're O.K.
46. MC5- High School
47. Mud- Tiger Feet
48. Flipper- Ha Ha Ha
49. KiddVideo- Pong
50. The Mummies- Stronger Than Dirt
51. Pink Filth- Sugar & Spice
52. Tarantula Ghoul & the Gravediggers- Graveyard Rock
53. My Life with a Thrill Kill Kult- A daisy Chain 4 Satan
54. Vincent Price- To Summon a Witch
55. Klaus Nomi- Ding Dong (the witch is Dead)
56. The Marx Brothers- Lydia the tattoed Lady
57. Lady Pank- Mniej Niz Zero
58. Nine Below Zero- Eleven Plus Eleven
59. The Rezillos- No
60. Paralisis Permanente- Autosuficiencia
61. The Way Outs- Way Out
62. Super Heroines- Children of the Light
63. France Gall- Cet Air-la
64. Nina Hagen- Born in Xiax
65. Jan Terri- Losing You
67. Yoko Ono- Kiss Kiss Kiss
68. The Vamps- Use to be Cool
69. Hawkwind- Master of the Universe

Ohhhh Snap 69 tracks!

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