Tuesday, October 16, 2012

aluminous fangs and how soon we forget the smell of survival

Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night?
Primus - Tragedy's A Comin'
Bootsy's Rubber Band - Rubber Duckie
Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow
Christian Lunch - Bauhaus Retreads
Christian Death - When I Was Bed
Swans - You Fucking People Make Me Sick
Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic - Silencio
Foetus - Cirrhosis of The Heart
Gravemist - Drifting Alone
Gunilla Thorn - Jealous Woman
? and The Mysterians - Hangin' On A String
Don Wright & The Septette/Priscilla Wright - The Man In The Raincoat
Donald Woods and the Belairs - Death of an Angel
Christine 23 Onna - Space Mondo Topless

Johnny Cash - Lonesome Whistle
Willie Nelson - You Look Like The Devil
George Jones - Wandering Soul
George Carter - Ghost Woman Blues
Porter Wagoner - Turn The Juke Box Up Louder
Ralph Gean - Planet of the Rain
Nervous Norvus - When I Hear The Honkin' of The Diesel Train
Faust - It's A Rainy Day
Caroliner Rainbow Wire Thin Sheep Legs Baking Exhibit - Rainbows Made Of Meat
Human Flesh - Angel With Fragile Face
Cabaret Voltaire - News From Nowhere
The Leather Nun - I Can Smell Your Thoughts
The Neon Judgement - Schizophrenic Freddy
The Specters - Depression

Jefferson Lee - Sorcerer
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Nine Million Rainy Days
Flying Saucer Attack - Rainstorm Blues
Genesis P-Orridge + Z'ev - Southeast
György Ligeti - Overture - Atmospheres
Ensemble Resonance (Gurdjieff/de Hartmann) - Vol III no 36: Hymn to Our Endless Creator
Haus Arafna - Today You Died
Oppenheimer Analysis - Subterranean Desire
Coil - Triple Sons and The One You Bury
The Legendary Pink Dots - Apocalypse Soon
HNAS - Ohne Zu Zögern Gewann Die Gans Die Zigarette
Bernard Herrmann - Cape Fear - Prelude / Vertigo - The Nightmare

Indignant Senility - Plays Wagner 7
Janitor - All That Is My Own
Aksak Maboul - Son of L'Idiot
The Fool - Cry For Me
Syd Barrett - Terrapin
John Frusciante - Enter A Uh

Tammy St. John - Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways
The Move - Flowers In The Rain
The Rainbows - Help Me If You Can
The Swanks - Ghost Train
Peggy Lee - Black Coffee
Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros
Tiffany Anders & Boyd Rice - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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