Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The Roots of Madness - Realisation II
The Cure - The Final Sound
Rx (Ogre + Martin Atkins)  - Scarecrow
The Sidewinder - Ballistic Loop
Drenches - excerpt from Side B of "Swastika Girls" cassette
dead edits - the dying breath
Julia LaDense & Nundata - Salustianas
Richard Kamerman - 0324789416_248002.xls
Michael Esposito, CM von Hausswolff - excerpt from The Old Vicarage CD
Alms - excerpt from "Endless Purification" 3" CDR

GLOD - Molecular Noisefloor
Dead Dragon Mountain - Nacreus Sphere
Newagehillbilly - Idiocracies (Remixed by Dr. Tuborg)
Murderous Vision - Order Born Out of Chaos

WOMBA - Track 27 from "The 27th Baku Comissar" CD (excerpt)
Bile And Horseman - excerpt from The Tenant Night cassette
Volga - Rose
Janel Leppin - Suite of Silence - Smear, Control, Censor
Golgotha Communications Ltd - excerpt from Diet'a Z Dobrej Rodiny CS

Cotton Museum - excerpt from "Pus Postules" single sided LP
J. Soliday - Please describe the circumstances attendant on your last moments in your native universe
Slasher Risk - excerpt from track 5 of "Triple Jesus" CDR
Campau/McGee - excerpt from "jdbgmgr.exe"
Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn - excerpt from "Energy (Of)" CD
Rubbish - excerpt from hand made anti record 7 inch from 2011

Excerpt from unknown Russian pop cassette

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