Tuesday, September 25, 2012

guest dj Mike Krause


Swans - Avatar
Horseback & Locrian - The Gift - Remixed by James Plotkin

Bridesmaid - Vilkin' for all its worth (7")
Sarcofago - Rectify the Black vomit /Satamas
Merzbow - Metal Man Has Hornets Whip
Black Flag - Account For What?
Bulldozer - Endless Funeral
The Manson Family  sings???- Scratchin' Peace symbols in my mind

soundtrack to  'Sex World' -  7" -side A
Bulldozer - Fallen angel  7" version
Nurse With Wound - Psychedelic Underground
Indonesian music from ' Islands in Between' - (Touch records 1984)   
Boy Dirt Car - Live percussion set at West End (Chicago 1985)
Caberet Voltaire - Sluggin' Fer Jesus

Gas Mask Horse - Haunted Shack /Screams Of Terror/
Full Moon Terror 

BLUT Aus Nord - Slaughterday   
Blut Aus Nord - Cathedral of the Ultimate Void
Grae Com - Build the bomb
Voi Vod - Nuclear War 
Vampire rodents - Bosche Erotique
Cranioclast - Play it again, - Erich !
Frank Dommert - Das Leben In Suz  
Demonologists -Miscarriage of the Soul
wacky novelty record ?

Magma - Mechanik Zain (live in Paris 1975)

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