Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Excerpt from the Future

EaViL - Archer Station
XEX - Viet Nam Vet*
Bene Gesserit - Nobody Can Know
Brotman & Short - Spirits Will
Front Line Assembly - Antisocial

Drunks with Guns - Zombie
Lord Time - excerpt from "Forgotten Future" one sided LP on Prison Tatt
Sun Splitter - Into The Broken Lands
Lambsbread - excerpt from "Drug K-9" cassette on Fag  Tapes
Weasel  Walter - Perverted Percussion*

Basil Kirchin - E+Me
Bernard Vitet - excerpt from Face A of  La Guêpe
Chris Connelly - excerpt from "The Collapse of Ether" cassette
startless - excerpt from "voiceless, aeration" CD
Michael Esposito, FM Einheit - excerpt from track 5 of "The Sallie House"

Tetsuo Furudate & Zbigniew Karkowski - World As Will II (excerpt from Part 2)
Safe - Moonlight Mix (from "District of Noise Vol. 5")
KMFDM - The Unrestrained Use of Excessive Force

Costes - I Hate Noise*
Insect Deli - chaar n.
Diaphragmatic - excerpt from "Cancer Research" cassette
Death Factory - excerpt from "Bulldozer"
Hopi Torvald & Bryan Lewis Saunders - excerpt from "Replicate"
Kommissar Hjuler - track 2 from "ZWEI - Puppe (korrigierte Version) - Anti-Buch als Puppe in der (SHMF-029Puppe)n-" CDR

Zelienople - Water Saw
Unlucky Atlas - Respite
Frank Rosaly - excerpt from "Centering and Displacement" Side B
Abusive Consumer - excerpt from "Under The Wing of (Parmegiani)"
Brave New World - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon (Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley)

Leif Elggren - excerpt from "Shangri-La Sound"

* denotes tracks played from "Soundtrack To Infinity" compilation CD

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