Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Violet Flame/guest DJ Brian

**denotes time missing from switching discs on the burner
 Sesso Violento - Sexual Carcinoma 
Aelter III - Clarity II (excerpt) 
Locrian - Ghost Repeater 
Xela - Gilted Rose (excerpt) 
Wormsblood - Hollow Cost Money 
Angelblood - Edward's Call 
Zeni Geva - Nah Ha 
Dissecting Table - I Get My Slogan 

T.O.M.B. - Dead Choir Radio (pre release) Live set from Violet Flame 

Anthrax Leprosy Mu - Infernal Engravement 
*Neige et Noirceur - excerpt from side b of Philosophie des Arts Occultes cassette 
Murderous Vision - Omnipath Godflesh - Like Rats
Controlled Bleeding - excerpt from side b of Body Samples cassette reissue 
Winters in Osaka - Impalement 
Husere Grav - excerpt from cassette on Ghetto Naturalist Industries side b 
*Barrikad featuring Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - Black Hammers 
Wilt - She Walks The Night
Michael Esposito & Chris Connelly / Phantom Plastics - The Phantoms of Purgatory Souls
 Oakeater - excerpt from "Molech" 

Guest DJ set*  
Josh Lay - I'll Kill Everything You Love 
Black Seas of Infinity - thy Secret Shall Stain Stain The Heart Of The Ekstasis (Aleim Edam) 
Burzum - Gebrechlichkeit II 
Nortt - Doden Moevot - Oraison 
Abruptum - de Profundis Mors Cousumet 
Moth Drakula - Live at Il Corral 
Prurient - Spins The World's Wheel 
Menace Ruine - Bonded by Wyrd 
S.V.E.S.T. - The Black Art

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