Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Road that runs through the Enchanted Forest to Electric Disconnect Sex is Directly Inside All of Us and Everything

Locrian - Dort Ist Der Weg
Ithi - Go Forth and Die (from Within cassette)
Sun Splitter - Earth Burner
Test Dept. - Fall from Light
Pig - Analgesia

Pussygutt & Story of Rats - Daemon Lover (Excerpt)
Jason Crumer - Lovelock, NM (A.    Self Pity Fuck)

Laibach - 2525 (request from Kruno)
Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (request)
Unknown Artist - Unknown track 10 from unknown, perhaps unreleased compilation (unfinished pre release CDR circa 2005?)
Regosphere - Excerpt from Side B of "Gutter Swarm" cassette
Imminent Starvation - nor,

Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - excerpt from NATO cassette
The Neon Sea - Sex Bruises
Women of The SS - Sex Bite
Sex Bruises - Breaking Up

Masonic Youth - The Haunted Lodge
Pod Blotz - excerpt from "Radar and Nest" CDR
Al Margolis & Dan Burke - track 5 from "Live April 5, 2008 - Le Bonheur, Brussels, Belgium" CDR
Nick Sondy - Outer Space Alien Battle

Gnawed - Sands (from Patience Is Waste cassette)
Velehentor - "The BelL - Rutual of Dethronement"
Pacific 231 - Excerpt from "Onanism 657 Hz" Cassette *with*
Michael Esposito/Phantom Airwaves -  Track 1 from "Unsure" CD
NON - Monism

Kevin Drumm - excerpt from "Electronic Harassment" cassette (side b if I'm not mistaken, no labels) *with*
Nurse With Wound - excerpt from Side A of "The Musty Odor of Pierced Rectums" LP *with*
Nonhorse - excerpt from "NOXON" cassette side A
Nerfbau - Bent Clouds
Collapsed Arc - excerpt from 905 Tapes C20 Side A
Lucho Pelucho - Track 7 from Ohgran Nariz CDR

Teenage Witch - excerpt from "High Moon" cassette side b

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