Monday, April 2, 2012


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Goatlab - Sevigny
Pharmakon - Cast Into The Crowning Point
Megaptera - Research of Epileptic Attacks
Everything But The Gargoyle - Sleeping With Ghosts
Ilitch - Le sofa Rouge

Murderous Vision & Fascist Insect - Blood of the Tyrants (Excerpt)
Wilt - Keeper of Lanterns
Winters In Osaka - Alone In Norilsk (Smog and Ghost)
Michael Vallera - Arm of The Sun

Bile and Horseman - excerpt from The Tenant Night cassette
Tertium Quid - Abyss
Per Svensson & Michael Esposito / Phantom Plastics - The Ghosts of Ogilvie Station flexidisc

Corephallism - Medford Rape Bridge
Redrot - Choke
Hydroze Plus - Overcoat
Lobisomem - Oxbow Remix by Bundy K. Brown
Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy

Rudolf's Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - excerpt from side A of Besensitzen/Zaunreiten cassette
Richard Kamerman - I Stayed In The Apartment for Thirty Two Days without Leaving (excerpt from micro cassette, may have had incorrect content on tape)
Lupus Sol - Requiem for Punch Press
Crown of Cerberus - Watching Her Majesty Sing As She WadesLink Through A River of Her Enemies' Blood

j simpson - Housecleaning
Zack Kouns - excerpt from "he must have contemplated his death during those long drives on the bypass at night" cassette side A
Neil Jendon - Static By Static

Opera Mort - Minuit Cerceuil
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic2 (excerpt)
Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (Request)
Marc Broude - Muerte
Little Fyodor - Won't Somebody Fill The Void?
Christopher Ilth - B2 from Tarantismo Summit Vol. 2 LP
Bryan Lewis Saunders - Near Death Experience (music by Spastic Dementia)
Lechuguillas - Misrule
Shaved Women - Think for Me
Mac Blackout - Do It Like Dogs Do It / Bully
The Fuckin' Bone Shakers - Kill Kill Kill

Bryan Lewis Saunders / Love, Execution Style - The Severed Head (excerpt)

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