Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Two Left Feet Fly Straight

Little Fyodor - Death Wish
Trespassers W - Do The Don't
Ralph Gean - Hey Doctor Casey
John Trubee - Babylon (Throw Your Children To The Fire)
Johanna Went  - Excerpt from "Live on Broadway" 08/21/82" Cassette
Glands of External Secretion/Prick Decay - Speaking of Feathers

Michael Esposito & Francisco Meirino - Excerpt from "Ghosts of Case File 142" CD

Michael Esposito & Leif Elgrenn - Track 4 from "Fire Station 6" CD

Elainie Lillios - Stumbling Dance

@C + Gintas K - K./85
Illusion of Safety - 11-5-00 dead tech part 2
OHNE - Untitled 18 from OHNE 1 CD

HeadBoggle - X's
Bryan Lewis Saunders & Z'ev - Philosophy of the Hole and The Anti Hole
Crawl Unit - Holy Static

Neil Jendon - Staggers and Folds
Dog Lady - Excerpt from self titled cassette

Wraiths - Excerpt from live cassette on Land of Decay

Thomas Bey William Bailey - Excerpt from "Progressive Lycanthropy" cassette
Hari Hardman - MOHORK
Panther Modern - Excerpt from "Satanic Logic" cassette
Skin Graft/ Murderous Vision - Untitled Collaboration (Track 6 from "Corpse Abuse" CDR)

Developer - excerpt from "PPBR004" Cassette
Los Heraldos Negros - Excerpt from "Vivir Mejor" CDR
Fatale - Les Peaux

Zack Kouns - Excerpt from cassette on Bum Tapes
Panicsville - excerpt from "Live In Hannover Germany (1985)" track on "Dedicated to John Olson's Right Fist" CDR

Black Leather Jesus - "Ty's First Time (Resized Version)" excerpt (Stiff Discipline)
MAAAA - Excerpt from "Sampo Distortion" CD
Merzbow - Excerpt from "GMAN" Cassette *with*
PCRV - Excerpt from "Mother / Child" CDR track 2
Government Alpha - excerpt from "Overcast Sky" on "Gradual Erosion" cassette
Marlo Eggplant / Dental Work - Excerpt from "Binge & Purge" CDR
Cock ESP - "pursuit of crappiness"

Novasak  - Excerpt from "Acoustic Trauma" CDR

Monday, April 23, 2012

Michael Esposito CD Giveaways tonight on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show

Tonight some time after midnight central time, there will be CD giveaways of material by Michael Esposito. Listen to The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, streaming from after midnight central time for more information.

Michael Esposito was born 1964 in Gary, Indiana. He is an experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). An ancestor of Alfred Vail, who invented the Morse Code and several early telegraph devices with his partner Samuel Morse. Another ancestor, Jonathan Harned Vail was office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison in his later years when Edison was attempting to develop a device to communicate with the dead. Michael studied communication theory at Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, American University in Cairo, Egypt and Governor's State University.

 Over the years, under the Phantom Airwaves institution, Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations all over the world. He has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of unique theory and devised many unique experiments within the field of EVP. Focusing primarily on EVP research, he has collected tens of thousands EVPs and video. Michael has appeared in numerous television, radio and newspaper features. Working extensively with EVP's relationship to experimental music, Michael combines EVP with field recording and related frequency tones of research sites to provide an audio-archeological picture of both sides of the veil. Michael is currently published by Touch Music[MCPS] UK.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Arvo's interview with Dave Phillips at WFMU

Read an interview that I did with Dave Phillips at WFMU, in cooperation with Special Interests Magazine

Walking around with a mask on, breathing into remote loop pedals, and triggering various sounds of animals screaming over string samples, Phillips chiseled together a dizzying miasma of tragically unnecessary pain, graphically unrelenting death, and the intrinsically cruel nature of human condition, who in its “civilized” state, refuses to tend to the ugly corners of reality. It was still the most effective exhibition I have ever seen, and I think that Dave Phillips will be remembered as a shining example of someone who transcended academic circles and noise or music scenes alike.
As much as a call to action “message” is usually an added “bonus” to the experience that I prefer to pass on, Dave Phillips creates something that is larger than life, and leaves the audience member feeling cauterized, thinking that a mere art gallery, theater, or music club is dreadfully inadequate and insulting in its lack of scope unless it is in the middle of an inclement rainforest or a haunted slaughterhouse.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Vacuum of Infinite Privacy

the first half hour consisted of a sound collage of dogs barking, online radio, goats mating, multiple layers of streaming harsh noise from jliat, and drone from Bull of Heaven.

the following hour of the show consisted of live radio feedback manipulations and experiments with the 5 live studio mics vs. room sounds.

After that, Coast to Coast AM was aired from 5 different radio stations across the country at the same time, so as to use differing delays in streaming and varying programming schedule (advertising especially) to create a muffled jumble of inarticulate words during breaks, among other things. Coast to Coast is no longer aired in Chicago on terrestrial radio, so I intended to air it while also not giving merit to their advertisers (as I think I am legally obligated to avoid).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

reptans caelestis effervescentia

Manorexia - Krzystl
Illusion of Safety - Live at No Fun 2008 Side A Excerpt
Le Scrambled Debutante - That Ole Devil Music
Forms of Things Unknown - Shave 'Em Dry 'Til The Cows Come Home

Sudden Infant - Joke Hallo
Dat Politics - Food
Sarah Weis - Heavens / Makes No Sense
Squarepusher - Plaistow Flex Out
Andrew Quitter - Vestron - Get In My Hearse (Dub Mix)

Marchus Schmickler - Metorillo 9
Quattrophage - Youch
Ruby - Pine
Sow - Blood Sucking Bitch
Women of the SS - Sexbite
Sasha Grey - Efrom (the Retarded Rabbit)
Cunting Daughters - Age of Entitlement

Zack Kouns - Track 1 from "Peasant Girl's Crotch Full of Stars" CDR
Zack Kouns - Track 3 from "A Woman is Not a Sphinx" CDR
Masaoka/Chen/Grusel/Nagai - Absence of Territory *with* Bryan Lewis Saunders - Bed Bugs

Startless - excerpt from "Voiceless, Aeration" CD
Lychgate - Phobos (excerpt from Tour EP '09 CDR)
Eric Lunde - My Atom Bomb Pianl (For Chris Sienko)

Boyle - 18 November 2011 *with*
Failure - S/T cassette excerpt Side B

Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Track 3 from "Blizzard"

Jason Soliday - "Disquiet" cassette Side A excerpt

Nundata - track 2 from "MRSA"

Kommissar Hjuler und Frau (with Bryan Lewis Saunders) - Red Bugs (excerpt)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arvo's Article on Noise in New City

This week's edition of NewCity has a cover story about noise music that I started working on 2 years ago. Copies are available for free around Chicago this week.

Monday, April 2, 2012


artist link

Goatlab - Sevigny
Pharmakon - Cast Into The Crowning Point
Megaptera - Research of Epileptic Attacks
Everything But The Gargoyle - Sleeping With Ghosts
Ilitch - Le sofa Rouge

Murderous Vision & Fascist Insect - Blood of the Tyrants (Excerpt)
Wilt - Keeper of Lanterns
Winters In Osaka - Alone In Norilsk (Smog and Ghost)
Michael Vallera - Arm of The Sun

Bile and Horseman - excerpt from The Tenant Night cassette
Tertium Quid - Abyss
Per Svensson & Michael Esposito / Phantom Plastics - The Ghosts of Ogilvie Station flexidisc

Corephallism - Medford Rape Bridge
Redrot - Choke
Hydroze Plus - Overcoat
Lobisomem - Oxbow Remix by Bundy K. Brown
Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy

Rudolf's Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - excerpt from side A of Besensitzen/Zaunreiten cassette
Richard Kamerman - I Stayed In The Apartment for Thirty Two Days without Leaving (excerpt from micro cassette, may have had incorrect content on tape)
Lupus Sol - Requiem for Punch Press
Crown of Cerberus - Watching Her Majesty Sing As She WadesLink Through A River of Her Enemies' Blood

j simpson - Housecleaning
Zack Kouns - excerpt from "he must have contemplated his death during those long drives on the bypass at night" cassette side A
Neil Jendon - Static By Static

Opera Mort - Minuit Cerceuil
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic2 (excerpt)
Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (Request)
Marc Broude - Muerte
Little Fyodor - Won't Somebody Fill The Void?
Christopher Ilth - B2 from Tarantismo Summit Vol. 2 LP
Bryan Lewis Saunders - Near Death Experience (music by Spastic Dementia)
Lechuguillas - Misrule
Shaved Women - Think for Me
Mac Blackout - Do It Like Dogs Do It / Bully
The Fuckin' Bone Shakers - Kill Kill Kill

Bryan Lewis Saunders / Love, Execution Style - The Severed Head (excerpt)