Monday, March 12, 2012

La danse de la mort voyous de l'univers

400 Lonely Things - The Light Hurts My Eyes
dave phillips - kelelawar (excerpt from side b)
Francisco Meirino & Michael Esposito - Excerpt from "Ghosts of Case File 142" CD *with*
Wraiths - "Black Tape" excerpt *with*
Chicago Police CB Radio with unknown ambient synth music *with*
Coast to Coast AM streaming on KGNC in Amarillo Texas *with*
j simpson - housecleaning / strange angels *with*
Hastas - Spilt Milk *with*
Forms of Things Unknown - Errant Bodies

Nature Morte - Affaibli
Robert Turman - The Depth of Neon (excerpt)
Andrea Borghi - Medulla
Mass Marriage - No Feelings
Demonologists with Beeping Sleauty - Hex Hymn
Pacific 231 - excerpt from "9 minutes 59" (tape eaten)
Regosphere - Slab City
My Lovely Figment - Excerpt from "Well fuck, I can't think of a goddamn thing!" track from split cassette with Cementimental

Sarah J. Ritch - Sonata de Kinor - 1st mvt
John Boyle - 14 November 2011
Last King of Poland - Follow Lonely Roads Part 2 Excerpt
Controlled Bleeding - A Love Song (In Two Parts)
Richard Ramirez - Excerpt from "Hard Trainer" cassette
Novasak - Excerpt from Track 2 of "The Exploding Sorority Machine" CDR

Custodian - Excerpt from Side A of "Destructive Resonance" cassette
Le Syndicat MMX - Faked Up Limits [Session XIV Extract - 2010/10/13]
Ekunhaashaastaack - La Mort Danse Sur Les Perdants

The Sleeping Room - Tonight (excerpt)

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