Monday, March 26, 2012

Amateur Night in Hell

For this episode I decided short notice to go strictly with streaming what I played and accepting/encouraging requests. Most of it was played from youtube, trying to replicate the sort of free association listening that most people now do on that site, and to ignore the concept of cohesiveness just in case something interesting happens.

From Threnody - Murmur
Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium Side A Excerpt

COUM Transmissions - Nude Supper

The Ramones- Glad To See You Go

Burzum - Dunkelheit

MOLOCH - Philosophie der Depression

Rock & Roll - Velvet Underground

Love Sculpture - Shake Your Hips

gloria jones - heartbeat pt 1

Enya - China Roses

Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady

Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and flowers (extended version, video)

Melanie - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

Rolling Stones - Out Of Time

Nightmare - Witch Woman

Ian Hunter - Bastard (Studio)

Nazz - Under The Ice (circa 1969)

gary glitter hello, hello i'm back again

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Nightmare - 1968

Alien City - Dirty Heaven

Hawkwind - Spirit Of The Age

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

Castle Farm - Hot Rod Queen

Arthur Godfrey- Man With The Weird Beard

Hyde Bros. Irish Accordion Duet 78 rpm
The Human Expression - Optical Sound

Melinda Marx : It Happens....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monogamie, Kannibalismus

Little Peggy March - Teasin'
Diane Ray - Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard
The Shirelles - Boys
Toys - Can't Get Enough of You Baby
Dusty Springfield - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face
Geraldine Stevens - Billy, I've Got To Go To Town
The Fascinations - Can't Stay Away From You
Dolly Parton - You're Gonna Be Sorry
Dara Puspita - Irama (?)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch - The Sun Goes Down
The Search Party - Speak To Me
Gerry & The Pacemakers - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
The Reynettes - Rescue Me
Jamo Thomas - I Spy For The FBI
The Honeydrippers - Impeach The President
Dick Dale & The Del Tones - Night Rider
Sunny & The Sunliners - Put Me In Jail

Danny & The Dreamers - Think Nothing About It
Asobi Seksu - Thursday
Nara - Dream A Little Dream

Cthonic Force - Solitary
Chris Connelly - What's Left But Solid Gold
David Bowie - See Emily Play
The Poppy Family - There's No Blood In Bone
The Sharades - Dumb Head

Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafti - Chura Liya
The Murmaids - Popsicles & Icicles
Mistinguett - Mon Gangster
Brenda Lee - This Girl's In Love With You
Jocelyne - Nitty Gritty
Chaino - Rockin' Bongos
Christine Pilzer - Dracula
Desi Arnaz & His Latinos - Un Poquito De Tu Amor
Danyel Gérard - Sexologie
The Pebble Episode - Tripsy
Serge Gainsbourg - Comic Strip
Greek Fountains - An Experimented Terror
Peggy Lee - Siamese Cat Song

Lucia Pamela - Walking On The Moon
Pasquale & the Lunar-Tiks - Moon Madness
Waring's Pennsylvanians - I Scream, You Scream
Burl Ives - I Know An Old Lady
Myron Floren - Laughing Polka
Joe Thompson - Pirates In The Bathroom
Dickey Doo & the Dont's - Nee Nee Na Na Nu Nu
Troy Hess - Please Don't Go Topless, Mother
Arkey Blue - Too Many Pills
John Brown's Bodies - Out Of My Mind
The Imps - Uh Oh
James Duncan - I Got It Made (The Shade)
Idle Race - Imposters In Life's Magazine

People In Control - When It's War
The The - Flesh and Bones
H.N.A.S. - Hannelore
Blurt - Man To Fly
Gerechtigkeits Liga - Voelkermord Part I & II
SPK - Wars of Islam
Premature Ejaculation - Frightened
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Ehsthn Eéihsm

Die Todliche Doris - Haare im Mund
Die Verspannten - Komm Besuch Mich Heut
Die Unbekannten - Radio War (Live)
Der Eiserne Vorhang - Hassen
Die Radierer - Angriff auf´s Schlaraffenland
Die Heteros - Monogamie, Kannibalismus Unser Zeit
Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Kleines Stubenmädchen
Das Kabinett - Amok

Die Atlantikschwimmer - Der Tunnel
Der KFC - Letzte Hoffnung
Der Plan - Robot Bolero
Der Künftige Musikant - Kain Und Abel
Der Fluch - Ich bin Ein Junger Werwolf

Der Blutharsch-Deutsch Nepal - Apocalyptic Climax II IV

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delirious Music for Delirious People reviewed at Fake Dimensions

Delirious Music For Delirious People reviewed at Fake Dimensions:

The first time I came across the name Arvo Zylo was sometime last year, a week or so before Halloween I guess. Somewhere on the web I read the announcement of a two-part live radio set by Michael Esposito and Jason Soliday, to be performed/aired on Halloween night during Arvo's "Delirious Insomniac" radio show on WLUW, Chicago. Said night I tuned in of course and ended up listening almost the full 4hrs long transmission. Delirious Music has been released in celebration of the 4th anniversary of said radio show on Arvo's own "No Part Of It" imprint and reached me along with another CD by himself early last week. Actually I meant to review both disks in one entry but after close consideration I decided that this one easily deserves its own. 20 or so contributions on here, some of them by bigger names such as Controlled Bleeding, Big City Orchestra, Boyd Rice (with Little Fyodor, whom I remember from his 20 seconds collaboration w/ The Haters in the late 90's) or Jarboe, most of them by lesser known artists and even some - and this is the most charming factor - by acts I would have never expected to be featured on this compilation. There's Gary Wilson for instance, whose influential "You Think You Really Know Me" LP dates back three and a half decades! Wow! Then there's Rancid Hell Spawn, the infamous british lo-fi noise punk unit, one hasn't heard of for ages, with a hell of a contribution! This is amazing. The range of contributions and styles represented on this disk is wide-ranging and the melange of Garage, Psych, Noise, Pop, Weirdo whatever certainly doesn't always work. This selection however is, beyond all doubt, very well-conceived and there's hardly any tracks that made me skip to the next one. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the appearance of Irene Moon, which was a special treat for me.
"Delirious Music For Delirious People" has been released in two versions, digipack --> CD // jewel case --> CDr, which is a bit cheaper I think.

Monday, March 12, 2012

La danse de la mort voyous de l'univers

400 Lonely Things - The Light Hurts My Eyes
dave phillips - kelelawar (excerpt from side b)
Francisco Meirino & Michael Esposito - Excerpt from "Ghosts of Case File 142" CD *with*
Wraiths - "Black Tape" excerpt *with*
Chicago Police CB Radio with unknown ambient synth music *with*
Coast to Coast AM streaming on KGNC in Amarillo Texas *with*
j simpson - housecleaning / strange angels *with*
Hastas - Spilt Milk *with*
Forms of Things Unknown - Errant Bodies

Nature Morte - Affaibli
Robert Turman - The Depth of Neon (excerpt)
Andrea Borghi - Medulla
Mass Marriage - No Feelings
Demonologists with Beeping Sleauty - Hex Hymn
Pacific 231 - excerpt from "9 minutes 59" (tape eaten)
Regosphere - Slab City
My Lovely Figment - Excerpt from "Well fuck, I can't think of a goddamn thing!" track from split cassette with Cementimental

Sarah J. Ritch - Sonata de Kinor - 1st mvt
John Boyle - 14 November 2011
Last King of Poland - Follow Lonely Roads Part 2 Excerpt
Controlled Bleeding - A Love Song (In Two Parts)
Richard Ramirez - Excerpt from "Hard Trainer" cassette
Novasak - Excerpt from Track 2 of "The Exploding Sorority Machine" CDR

Custodian - Excerpt from Side A of "Destructive Resonance" cassette
Le Syndicat MMX - Faked Up Limits [Session XIV Extract - 2010/10/13]
Ekunhaashaastaack - La Mort Danse Sur Les Perdants

The Sleeping Room - Tonight (excerpt)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Delirious Music For Delirious People" reviewed in Roctober Magazine

Thanks to Roctober for the kind words!

(Delirious Insomniac) Freeform radio is a misunderstood concept. Non-commercial stations that let their DJs play what they want are considered by many (including Wikipedia I just learned) to be practitioners of the art, but I recall smoky conversations with grey ponytailed jocks of yore that claimed that in its original form it was really about a kind of rejection of genre, and classical and hippie and prog and country would intermingle. But the fact is, that is a better concept than a reality. What you really want is someone like Arvo Fingers having the freedom to play whatever they want and NOT feel obligated to mix it up. On this compilation culled from his Loyola’s WLUW radio show we get to hear a melange of weirdness, some genuinely strange, evil, dark, kooky, crazy sounds, seemingly from all over the map, but incontrovertibly argued here as to be cut from the same cloth. Who knew Boyd Rice, Mac Blackout, Gary Wilson, Jarboe, Haunted George, and Hans Grüsel were in the same musical bed? Arvo!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dissecting Table review by Arvo at Heathen Harvest

Thanks to Heathen Harvest for having me as a guest contributor.

Here is a review of Dissecting Table's "The Universe Is Only An Object" on Danvers State Recordings