Monday, January 16, 2012

Devils and Angels Bashing You Over The Head With The Sound of Music

Coil - Circles of Mania
Sparks - Dummy
Mister Jan and His Singing Little Spiders - Padi Badi Bap
Ginny Arnell - He's My Little Devil

Circle - Harvaa Maa
Psychic TV - Love War Riot
Jamie Easter - Bill Zarro
The Fuckin' Bone Shakers - Goodbye Baby Goodbye
Lechuguillas - Circus
Dirk Diggler - Bli Bgadim At Lo Nir'et Datia
Urine Cop - War. Cough Syrup. Death

Project STINKA - Nosohltan
Lobisomem - Oxbow Remix By Ben Vida
Metalux - Track 3 from "live @ First Base 05/20/04" CDR
Mone¥i$God - Black Rainbow
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic 3
Nick Sondy - Establish Transmission
Alexander Adams - Do You Care? Does Anyone?

Fossils - Delirium #2
Elainie Lillios - Threads
Illusion of Safety - Dismal Water

Vertonen - VII. air filtration and ventilation, desalination facility
Michael Esposito, Leif Elggren, Emanuel Swedenborg - The Summerhouse (excerpt)
Francisco Meirino & Brent Gutzeit - My Worst Enemy Is Tomorrow
Regosphere - Excerpt from Split Cassette with Vexations

Smell & Quim - Diameter of Elvis' Colon track 4
Grave In The Sky - Scum
Work/Death - Visions of Luke In Revelation

Hastas - Cypress
Headboggle - Excerpt from "Serge In DualMono" cassette
Three Legged Race - Track 3 from "Scattered Duels Thawing" CDR
Le Scrambled Debutante - Excerpt from "Little Baby Devil Jesus"
Where Woodwose Walk - Olan Mills

Jorge Castro - perigee (excerpt)
Neckhold - excerpt from "Last Exit" cassette
Fecalove + Mutant Ape - Turd Force Pain Electronics (excerpt)
Proud Father - Harsh Noise
Carbon & Water - Carbon (Excerpt)
The Kremlin - excerpt from "Burn First" cassette
Swamp Horse - excerpt from "Oracle" *with* Josh Lay + Teeth Collection - excerpt from track 1 of bonus CDR from collaboration LP

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - The Angels of Devil's Mountain

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Portrait of a Killer

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