Monday, January 23, 2012

The City Rises (Unfinished)

Etta James - Payback, Do I Make Myself Clear (duet w/ Sugar Pie DeSanto), Light My Fire
Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun, The Mummy, Dracula Pt. 1
Johnny Otis - Castin' My Spell, The Midnight Creeper Pt 1, Low Down Dirty Dog Blues

Billy De Marco & Count Dracula - Drac's Back
Johnny Burnette Trio - The Train Kept A-Rolling
Rotations - One Way Road
Billy Butler - Come On Over To My Side
Major Lance - Too Hot To Hold
Oliver Sain - Scratch My Back

Bobby Vee and The Strangers - Come Back When You Grow Up
Buddy Holly - Blue Days Black Nights
SPK - Metropolis
Absolute Body Control - Touch Your Skin
Revolting Cocks - Razor's Edge
49th Parallel - Labourer
Utopia Carwash - Loneliness
Les Goths - Turn Over

Borghesia - Brisk Vomit
Univers Zero - Docteur Petiot
Bone Parade - Der Erlkonig
ONO - Pyramid of Drums
Val Denham - Cactus of The Scorpion
Psychic TV - Guiltless
Ennio Morricone - La Citta si Risveglia (from the Bird With The Crystal Plumage)

Robert Ashley - The Wolfman

Genocide Organ - Klaus Barbie
Ungl'Unl'Rrlh'Chchch - The Color Out of Space
Robedoor - Blood Ebbs
Vampillia - Land (remixed by Merzbow)

Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy - Blood
Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound - Dysnystaxis (...A Chance Meeting With Somnus)

Nadja - Skin Turns To Glass

The Body & Braveyoung - Song Two

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