Monday, December 5, 2011

Those Who Remain at the Surface Do So at Their Own Peril : featuring an interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Thanks to DJ Qbot for doing a DJ set inspired by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge before I came on! Listen to it here!

Psychic TV - In The Nursery
Cabaret Voltaire - Sunday Night In Biot
Throbbing Gristle - Sick Sick Sixties
Soft Cell - Tupperware Party
cEvin Key - Beauty is the Enemy

Genesis Breyer P- Orridge interview

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Brion Gysin - Somebody Special
Neither/Neither World - Falling
Beach Boys - Child Is The Father of The Man
Sandy Shaw - Til the Night Begins
Brenda Lee - Strawberry Snow

Unknown Artist - Give Murder A Chance
Adam Parfrey - Kill Your Sons
Hand Made - for you
Three Souls In My Mind - Let Me Swim
Alien City - Suffer
Orchid Spangiafora - Sheer Madness

Severed Heads - Relic of The Empire + Tiny Fingers
Women of the SS - Oh What Fun We Shall Have
Le Syndicat - Sex Und Vomit
Zombies Under Stress - Stalin
Portion Control - All Present and Correct
Absolute Body Control - Automatic I
Tik & Tok - Crisis
Clock Dva - Four Hours
Screamers - I'm A Mensch

Club Moral - I Wanna Be Drowned
Toll - Brute Freeze
Deutsch Nepal - Temple of Death
Einsturzende Neubauten - Waiting For The Call
Rubber 0 Cement - Zombie House Mix 7

Aaron Dilloway - Infinite Lucifer

Byla & Jarboe - 10:58
Tod Dockstader - Song and Lament

Leif Elggren / Emanuel Swedenborg - Track 2 from Angel Modulations
Steve Reich - Pendulum Music

Billie Holiday - Blue Moon
Aboriginal Music - Rain Dreaming Ceremony
S.B.O.T.H.I. - C.B.A
William Burroughs - Dinosaurs *with* Regosphere - House of Clocks
Alma Gluck - Sing Me To Sleep

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