Monday, December 12, 2011

Throw All of Your Racist Goddamn Children into the Mountain

Alpha Strategy - Append and Divide
Hydroze Plus - Overcoat
Opera Mort - Minuit Cercueil"
Decapitated Hed - Ingestion of Glowstick Fluid
Marc Broude - Lake Havasu Killing Lake Michigan
The Dig (featuring CLive Tanaka) - Panorama
David Lynch - I Know

Redrot - Choke
Josh Lay & Teeth Collection - Excerpt from collaborative LP Side A
Disthroned Agony - Gathering Darkness
Panther Modern - Excerpt from Satanic Logic CS

Blessed Sacrifist - In Closing?
WOLD - Invocation of Fire/Invocation of Water
Skin Graft - Excerpt from Drowning In Obsidian CS Side A
Thomas Bey William Bailey - Excerpt from Progressive Lycanthropy Side B
Headboggle - RRRecycled Cassette Side B Excerpt

Golgotha Communications Limited - Excerpt from The Concrete Crown CS
ONO - Excerpt from S/T Cassette Side B
Theme - Time Always Wins
We Creeling - Up In The Morning

Terrors - Lying on heather in the highlands
Feedbacula - Excerpt from Side A of "Cultivator" cassette
Sid Yiddish - Track 2 from "Freewheelin' Looney" CDR
Trespassers W - Look You Don't See What You See
John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors of America - We Are All Dying
Black Guys - Outkast Blakface #3

Arvo playing a balloon with*
Matt Taggart - Duet for Balloon
Bran (...) Pos - Prick The Nose to Light The Face *with*
Sharkula - Excerpt from "Willow Kwasai 110% Yes!" CDR *with*
Dental Work - Bloods & Crips On MDMA In The Desert Excerpt *with*
Sharkula - Ghetto Scientist (live on WZRD) track 3 CDR *with*
Dental Work - Live May 6th 2010

Embarker. - "Big Gary" Side B
Brent Gutzeit & Francisco Meirino - Stress Test for Depression
C. Lavender - Side B from "Body Heat" CS
Fatale - Les Peaux

Churner - "Whisper" excerpt from split cassette with Infirmary
Slaughter-Fetus - Neo-Nazi Skinhead Astral Projection Ritual (excerpt)
Wraiths - Dust in Our Mouths (excerpt)
Leif Elggren & Michael Esposito - excerpt from "Fire Station 6"
Marlo Eggplant - Slow Leak

Francisco Lopez - 24 hours of field recordings - flash drive release - "untitled #272 [antarctica variations]" (excerpt from variation 7)

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