Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A complete reclusive vacuum collection


Last week I recorded bizarre effects that happened from the studio throughout the previous week; when we play material through the computer at the WLUW studio, and if someone is listening with an analog radio (i.e. one that has a knob instead of a scroll button, and a knob for AM/FM rather than a "band" button), the prerecorded news shows, or the youtube videos sounded like they had been runned through some kind of ring modulator or vocoder. I asked some friends of mine to record my show, where I aired the results, and for this week, I played layers of their recordings, exclusively for those listeners with analog radios to have a the tripled effect of this strange transmittor problem. Many thanks to Chris Turner, Patrick McCarthy, Brian Klein, and Mike Krause for recording it, and for making it easy for me to get the tapes from them in one week's time.

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