Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Waking State of Stasis at the Hob-Clotting Factory



Locrian - Chalk Point
The Diagnostic Dimension of Axes - Dispatch of the Psychic Visitant
Anatomy of Habit - Overcome

Vertonen - Deteriorated Broadcast (excerpt)
Garland Villanova - Lagomorphic Reverie

Cunting Daughters - Expiry
Murderous Vision - Structures and Pathways
Andrew Quitter - The Silver Tone (Fall)

Altar of Flies - Abandon Skin
Elon Katz - Brace
Michael Perkins - Murder By Phone
Mort Garson - Leave The Driving To Us
Raglani - The Last Ride (Excerpt)

Nurse With Wound - Space Music (Excerpt)
Death Factory - Manifestation of Fear (Dedicated to Phantasm) *excerpt*
Boyle - 16 Feb 2010

Emulsion vs. Nookleptia - Beast with Eight Paws
Origami Genitalia - The Aboriginal Sin (Excerpt)
PCRV - Track 3 (from "three untitled pieces" CDR)

Shattered Hymen - Blood Purple Vein
Rubbish & Crank Sturgeon - Fools Pursuit
Warnskarpt - Untitled 1 (from split CDR with Dental Work)
Flesh Coffin - Devil Worship in the Slaughterhouse (side A excerpt)

Pregnant Spore - No Masters
Hjorten - Electricity 4 (excerpt)
Mystified - Ghostly (excerpt) *with*
Subterranean Drift - Goddess of the Blackening Sky *with*
redglaer - track 1 from "American Masonry"

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