Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Murder of the Mouth

Panther Modern - Excerpt from "Satanic Logic" cassette
Lechuguillas - Awl
I Am The Arm - Satan Is Forever
Severed Head In A Bag - Live 1983 (from the film "D.U.I.")

Josh Lay - My Cave Is A Poison Cave
Filth - Saturated Blood (excerpt)
Andrew Quitter - Left Bleeding In The Woods
Winters In Osaka - Waterweight

Boyle - April 2010 (from disc 3 of "Raum Zeit")
Cunting Daughters - Asomatous
Sinister Sveta - Awesome External 2

Subterranean Drift - Among Shadowed Formations
Murderous Vision - The Seasons Pass Away
C. Lavender - Meet Me At The Station
Suburbia Melting - Capitalism (Excerpt)
Michael Esposito & Brent Gutzeit - Enemy (excerpt)

A 3 hour long drone called "Bloodbath" (listen here) that I was commissioned to make for this gallery event last year

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