Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Delirious Music For Delirious People" featured on Nightmare City Halloween 2011

Stevo In Yr Stereo
Very happy to have "Delirious Music For Delirious People" featured on Nightmare City! This guy is completely obsessed with Halloween and Monster Music, and has been for several years. He makes catalogs documenting scary music, and it is by far the most comprehensive I have ever seen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Centimeters - I'm Not Exercising Enough
Gary Wilson - Linda Wants To Be Alone
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - Cuckoo Habanera
Big City Orchestra - track from trade only CDR
Dental Work - Excerpt from split 3" with Cock E.S.P.

Boyle - 7 April 2010
Pregnant Spore - Ancient Closet of Disected Amoebas (sp)
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic2
Sudden Infant - Pee Godzilla Pee
High School Confidential - Strange Wool
The Nevari Butchers - Excerpt from "Shatter All Organized Activities" Cassette
Decapitated Hed - Excerpt from Side B of "Isolation Pulse"

C Lavender - Live at Dream Castle
beaunoise - Invention #3 for Serge Modular
Marlo Eggplant - Churning

Diatribes - Invisible Wizard (Excerpt)
Wm. Berger - A Vag, A Clit, A Bum (Excerpt)

Rubbish & Hal McGee - Thin Air
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Voices On The Air
Cranes - Clear (Davidian Memorial Mix)
Skin Chamber - Healing Time
Sleep Chamber - The Vision & Voice
Jesu - We All Faulter
Annelies Monsere - Sand (various versions of the song with different instruments)

Evil Moisture - Untitled track from split 3" CDR with XDUGEF
XDUGEF - Excerpt from RRRecycled Cassette
Dog Day Afternoon - Side A from S/T Cassette

Richard Ramirez - Choke On It A Little, Then Swallow

Skin Graft - 8/7/10 (excerpt)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show has haunted the airwaves of WLUW into the wee hours of dreary Monday Nights since 2008. Host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. Presently, "Delirious Insomniac" is also syndicated on RadioKL.Hr in Croatia, with occasional interviews, virtual guest installations, ghost hosts, and radio art. On September 9th, 2011, Arvo Fingers and WLUW will be celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show as well as the release of the first volume of "Delirious Music For Delirious People", a compilation featuring Jarboe, Controlled Bleeding, Zola Jesus, Boyd Rice and Friends, Gary Wilson, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Big City Orchestra, Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, and others.

CDs in Digipaks as well as professionally printed CDRs in jewel cases are ready. the CDRs are $6 postage paid in the USA, $9 postage paid elsewhere. The CDs in digipaks will be available some time after that, and are $8 postage paid in the USA, $11 elsewhere. paypal address is , orders are shipping now.


01 Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet - Satan Takes A Holiday
02 Big City Orchestra - Why Don't We Eat Carrots? (Edit)
03 Gary Wilson - And Then I Kissed Your Lips
04 The Centimeters - If Only My Dog Would Barely Like Me
05 I.M.M.U.R.E. - In Love With Dog
06 Verdant - In The Parlor
07 Pharmakon - Mound of Flesh, Cavern of Fluids
08 Controlled Bleeding - Untitled
09 Jarboe - Blood Horizon (Arvo Remix)
10 Zola Jesus - Devil Take You
11 Mac Blackout - Baby Face Killer
12 Art Phag - Golf
13 Haunted George - Pile O' Meat
14 Rancid Hell Spawn - Android Pup
15 The Dreams - Tropique du Cancer
16 WOLD - The Virile Toll
17 Vapid Apparition - Sinneßteuerung
18 Murderous Vision - As Teeth Sink In
19 BeNe GeSSeRiT - RATS
20 Boyd Rice and Friends (with Little Fyodor) - The Blackness
21 Diatric Puds & The Blobbettes - Sweet Breeze
22 Istvan & His Imaginary Band - Night of The Vampire
23 Irene Moon - Go Away Dreadful Creature

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show with Guest DJ Set By L. Vomito

Mac Blackout - Who's Gonna Set The Fire
The Dreams - Power of Signs
Zola Jesus - Soeur Sewer
Jarboe - Lotus Weapon
Pus Drainer - Ocular Mutilation
Zeni Geva - Angel

* Guest DJ Set By L. Vomito *

Bauhaus - Sanity Assassins
The Undead - Life of our Own
Famous Monsters Speak! - Frankenstein's Monster Tales
Day Glo Abortions - I'm My Own God
Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather
Exciter - Long Live Loud
DOA - Singin In The Rain / Race Riot
The Offs - Everyone's A Bigot
the cure - Seventeen Seconds
Population - Waltzing The War
The Cultural Decay - Song of Joy

The Cramps - Human Fly
Exodus - The Toxic Waltz
Crunch - Subito
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha
Memluks - Main Body
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
TSOL - Song of Laughter
Naked Raygun - Swingo
Vice Squad - (So) What For The 80's?
Bad Brains - Pay To Cum
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army - You Are In My Vision
DEVO - Gut Feeling
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie - Hang on To Yourself
Ian Hunter - Once Bitten Twice Shy
Fungus Brains - Hair Brush
Exciter - Saxons of the Fire
The Circle Jerks - Paid Vacation

KILT - Live in New York 4/2009 (track 2 from Kitchen Sorcery) *excerpt

Circuit Wound - The Viable Commodity Of Fear And Paranoia

XDUGEF - Track 1 from "X" CDR

Tarpit - Excerpt from Side A of untitled cassette
*with* The Haters - Taisic
*wuth* Marlo Eggplant - Romanticizing The Doppler Effect
*with* Bran (...) Pos & Tarantism - Live on WLUW August 1, 2004 Side A Excerpt
*with* The Living Language Course - German, Record 3
*with* Nurse With Wound - Merzbild Schwet (excerpt)
*with* Dental Work - Excerpt from split 3" CDR with Cock ESP
*with* Dave Phillips - Mutations (Excerpt)
*wath* Crank Sturgeon - Shoe Me In For A Caber, Lamb
*with* Raglani - The Last Ride (Excerpt)
*with* Richard Youngs - "Be brave, this world"

Dead Body Collection - I Slice Her Body, Over And Over